5 Reasons Why Soft-Close Drawers And Cabinets Are Better

Last updated on February 3rd, 2022

How many times have you experienced a cabinet door or drawer slamming shut with a loud noise, throwing the contents all about? Enter Soft-Close drawers and cabinets!

Here are 5 benefits of installing them in your kitchen!

1. No Loud Slamming

The most obvious benefit of a soft-close mechanism in your drawers and cabinets is the complete absence of slamming noises whenever anyone closes them shut, even with a lot of force.

2. Furniture Lasts Longer

One of the basic reasons behind furniture wearing out is the ‘stress’ that it witnesses when used daily. With a soft-close system, the safeguard mechanism keeps the wearing of the hinges and other elements to a bare minimum, even after regular use, giving your furniture, a longer, stress-free life.

3. Drawer Contents Don’t Move

With a soft-close mechanism in place, the drawers glide shut every time, making sure the contents inside stay no matter how many times you open and close them.

4. Safe On Fingers (And Pets!)

How many times have you slammed a drawer shut too soon, without realizing a finger was still in the way Soft-close hinges and slides can help prevent all such incidents and those painful pinches. It is also safe if you have a playful kitty who loves to hide in drawers and cabinets.

5. No Accidents From Drawers Getting Pulled Out Completely

Once you have soft-close drawers in place, you can stop worrying about accidentally pulling the drawer out completely off its runners and bringing its contents down.

Happy decorating, everyone!