Veranda, Porch Or Patio: 5 Steps To Take Yours From Blah To Ta-Dah!

Last updated on December 10th, 2021

It might be the right time to stop dreaming of a beautiful porch and get into action to turn that seemingly impossible dream into reality. Gather your cleaning tools and creativity, for we’re about to show you how you can turn your sad-looking Veranda into your neighbor’s décor goal!

1. Start with a squeaky-clean slate

If your porch has been getting the wicked step-motherly treatment all this while, with peeling paint, rusty furniture pieces, and stacks of old newspaper lying around, time to roll up your sleeves and use some elbow grease. Get the basic cleaning done, and make way for an unbelievable Porch makeover!

2. Add some outdoorsy furniture

No dream balcony is complete without a proper sitting arrangement. If you’re planning on getting new furniture, invest in weather-proof wicker furniture, which isn’t as expensive as you think it is. Better yet, if you have old chairs and stools lying in a corner somewhere, bring them out and give them a fresh lick of paint. The brighter, the better. You’ll be amazed at the impact brightly-colored furniture can make on a space. You can even create a cozy low-level seating arrangement with oversized floor cushions piled together over a faux-grass carpet. Tantalizing though, isn’t it?

3. Inject a generous dose of color

Even with neutral furniture and walls, you can go all out and paint your space colorful with bright fabrics and accessories. Consider investing in pots, cushions, and floor mats in smart, vibrant colors, remembering to stick to weatherproof items. And of course, oodles of green and flowering plants. And what else are we forgetting to mention? Yes! colorful crockery to go with it all.

4. Throw in some stylish storage

Keep a few wicker baskets in different shapes and a variety of colors handy. To stow away throws, pillows, and of course, to make that elegantly modern style statement.

5. And finally, keep it well hidden!

Plants don’t just add fresh air, greenery, and style, but can also be used to create a visual barrier. You can create a vertical garden or use hanging planters with creepers flowing down, forming a curtain. Use your creativity. And of course, Google can help!

Now, just put the kettle on. You can have a hot cuppa in your own version of the garden of Eden!

Happy decorating, wonderful folks!