6 Ways to Squeeze Out Extra Storage From A Tiny Kitchen

Last updated on February 11th, 2022

In these days of increasing space crunch, large kitchens are a luxury, not everyone can afford. And it can be a struggle to keep a small kitchen organized without much storage space. How about we help you turn this situation around and transform your tiny kitchen into a storage haven? Let’s take a hard look at your kitchen today and see if you are overlooking potential storage areas, without even realizing it!

1.  In most kitchens, the space above the stove is usually kept bare. Have a few floating shelves installed in this area (not too close to the stove obviously) and keep frequently used stuff on these shelves and save the space they would have occupied elsewhere.

2. Not everything needs to be kept behind closed doors. Use open shelves in your kitchen to keep clutter at a bay and your countertops free. It’s the perfect place to display all your china that you’ve been keeping stowed out of sight.

Source: Nuka Decor

3.  Make a home for wandering oven mitts and pot holders on your kitchen backsplash by installing a few hooks. It will also add a splash of color to the kitchen.

4. Look at the vast (potential storage) space available above the kitchen door. Bet you never thought it could be put to use! Install a shelf there to stow away things you don’t use very often.

5. There’s one more area which we never think of using. The space right below the cabinets and above the countertops. Use this space to hang coffee mugs off firm hooks, and you’ve saved all the space they would have occupied elsewhere!

Source: gezerproject.org

6. Use the side of a cabinet, yet another space that catches no one’s attention when it comes to storage, to keep kitchen miscellanea like cookie sheets, spatulas or cutting boards.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Happy decorating (and storing) folks!