10 Decor Tips To Make Small Apartments Look Bigger!

Last updated on August 2nd, 2022

Having a small apartment cane be nice! Small homes aren’t as bad as we tend to think they are, and come with their own set of advantages. Think of all the upkeep and maintenance that goes into keeping a large home clean and clutter-free!

Let’s look at 10 tricks that décor experts swear by, that can make your not-so-large apartment look roomy and spacious! Ready?

1. Whatever Floats Your Shelves!

Use some floating shelves in your kitchen instead of the usual cabinets for a more spacious feel and an organized appearance.

2. Go Curvy

Curved furniture instead of the usual one with straight lines adds an element of interest in the room and is a sure-shot trick to make it look larger.

3. Say It With Curtains

Curtains are magical. They can add a feeling of space to a setting, also lending it character with their colors and patterns.

4. Layer Texture

Layering textures is crucial in making your home appear cozier and giving it a feeling of depth, making it appear larger than it is. Use baskets, carpets, fabrics, and other textures to create this effect.

5. Light it well

Fill your home with natural light and see it expanding the existing space!

6. Pastel Decor

Decorate using pastel shades, as it makes a room look bigger.

7. A Low Couch

Get low-level furniture that creates the illusion of space and adds a touch of class!

8. Transparent Furniture

Transparent (lucite) furniture doesn’t obstruct the flow of light and gives a feeling of expanse. Worth investing in if you have a small home!

9. A Wall Bed

A wall bed is such a blessing for small apartments. A wall by the day and a bed by night!

10. A Home Office-Cum-Dining Table

Get a work desk that can double up as a dining table and save the space you would otherwise invest on yet another table!

Have fun decorating, everyone!