8 Tips On How You Can Maximize Space In Your Bathroom

Last updated on November 9th, 2021

In ancient times, with no plumbing, maids hauled buckets of hot water to the bathing chambers to fill up copper tubs for the nobles to bathe in. Thankfully, the nobles didn’t bathe that often!

Bathrooms have come a long way since then. Today they are a style statement, like any other area of the house. And yet, with a burgeoning population and the ensuing space crunch, you often have to contend with small bathrooms which makes you wonder – how on earth are all the essentials going to fit in such a small space?

Well, here are eight clever tips on how to maximize your bathroom space and ease that pain a little!

1. Do you really need large fittings?

When hunting for fixtures like the sink or the water closet, select smaller ones, as they will take up less space. But do ensure you check if they are functional before you take out your credit card. You don’t want water splashing on the floor every time you wash your hands!

2. A quest for that hidden storage space

There’s usually a foot or two of space above the bathroom door, right? You probably haven’t noticed it until now. But this can be the ideal place to store your body care essentials like bath salts, loofahs, etc. To enhance the look, put them in a pretty wicker basket or two. And add plants to the mix if you can. And voila! You’ve just added a pretty storage space in an area of the bathroom you didn’t know existed!

3. The only way to go is up – with vertical storage

Even a foot-wide vertical space can house extra tissues, shampoos, soaps, and toilet paper. The shelves can be used for spare towels and napkins too. Have those vertical shelves installed!

4. Towel racks made easy

Okay. You don’t have vertical space. That’s alright. A make-shift towel rack (like this wine rack you see) mounted on the wall will suffice. The rolls of towels, aesthetically arranged in these, will add a zing to your bathroom décor. For your over-the-countertop knick-knacks, invest in tasteful boxes or wicker baskets to ensure appeal without spoiling the look.

5. Floating shelves with a bit of Oomph

Floating shelves have a lot of design appeal. And the best part is that you can store medication, lotions, makeup, and other essentials in them without things looking cluttered. You can line them up symmetrically, one above the other, or stagger them depending on the available space, your storage needs – and of course the aesthetics!

6. Mirrored Cabinets

These multi-taskers are decorative items in their own right. They add their pizzazz to a space, especially if you get one that is a bit high-end and aesthetically pleasing. These days, they even come with small open spaces to keep potted plants and other small decorative baubles.

7. A Cleaning supplies cabinet. Under the sink, where else?

The space under the sink is ideal for storing your detergents, toilet cleaners, brushes, and other paraphernalia required to keep your bathroom spotless. The result? A pristine bathroom where you don’t have to look at the ugly toilet brush!

8. Shutters of the Cabinets? Yes!

While we stock necessities in the cabinet, the inside of the shutters is often neglected. Install wire racks (easily available online) for your shampoos and conditioners in a little tray. Stick-on hooks are another way to increase storage. Avoid keeping heavy items in them though. You don’t want the shutters to come off the hinges!

Empty walls, high ceilings, and places under sinks are your canvas, and you can sweep your brush and transform your bathroom with cool ideas that will raise its design quotient without costing you a bomb.

Happy bathroom makeover, everyone!