Declutter Project: 6 Ways to Tidy Up your Bathroom

Last updated on March 4th, 2022

Bathrooms are usually the tiniest rooms in the entire home. And, considering the fact that we spend a significant time in the bathroom to maintain our personal hygiene, it is a seriously understated area, not to mention, one of the messiest rooms in the house. Even though you try hard to maintain the sanity of the bathroom, chances are, you might find yourself drowning in all the bathroom essentials.

From using under-the-sink storage and putting narrow corners to work, to solving the over-stuffed cabinet issue – we have lined up 7 genius ways to tidy up your bathroom. Check them out.

1. Under-the-Sink Storage

Having trouble tackling the bathroom clutter? Here’s an easy way out: Make use of the empty space under the sink to install a cupboard. Use it to keep all the bathroom cleaning essentials in place. The closed cupboard will help in keeping clutter at bay, while restoring order in the bathroom.

2. Get Rid of Visual Clutter

An easy decluttering hack to keep your bathroom clean is to embrace the Zen way. It is true that when a space promotes zen features, you are most likely to keep it clean and tidy. Choose similar colored towels to bring in a sense of uniformity in the bathroom. Change the cabinet doors into see-through glass doors to make things easy for your eyes.

3. Go Counter Productive!

Clutter is like an epidemic! Once it starts, it’s hard to control. This is especially true in the case of a bathroom. Bathroom essentials like soap, handwash, and loofahs tend to make the bathroom counter messy. To tackle the bathroom countertop clutter, get rid of all the unnecessary items and keep only the ones you need, in a way that’s pleasant on the eyes!

4. Get Rid of the Overstuffed-Closet Problem

You don’t need to get rid of your existing storage to create something new. Take off some load from that overstuffed wardrobe in the bathroom and let that unit breathe. And for the essentials that you have taken out of the closet – keep them in place with the help of a wicker basket or a chic open shelf.

5. Use the Back of the Doors

Declutter your bathroom

If you are struggling with a small bathroom with no storage space, then this hack is for you: Make use of the space behind-the-door of a cabinet to stow away all the bathroom Knick-knacks.. Simply, use magnetic holders or slim caddies to store all your grooming products. Additionally, if you have enough space, you can also install a pegboard. This way, you will be able to store more!

6. Use Towel Hooks

One of the easiest ways to eliminate visual mess – make use of hooks instead of bars to hang towels. Most of us anyway don’t hang wet towels on a bar properly and, when hung on a hook, the look is less messy.