13 Bachelor Pad Must-Haves

Last updated on December 22nd, 2021

A bachelor pad doesn’t have to be a place where you keep your bare essentials. It’s your personal refuge that you retire to, after a long, hard day at work. It doesn’t just need to be a place that you look forward to coming back to, but also needs to reflect your style and personality.

Here are a few ideas that will come in handy if you’re setting out to live the life of your dreams on your own terms and need a few pointers on decorating your private sanctuary.

1. A cozy dining table

Put the times, when it was okay to eat at the coffee table, behind you. It’s now time to invest in a nice, compact dining table that’ll not just help you dine in comfort, but come in really handy when you have a bunch of people to entertain.

2. A large couch

This will be one of your biggest investments but well worth it, as comfortable seating will be a pre-requisite for all the entertaining that you’ll be doing in your bachelor pad, whether it’s a party, game night or a Netflix binge-watch session. Popcorn anyone?

3. A chest of drawers

This will be one investment you’ll not regret making. You just can’t overestimate the importance of a catch-all junk drawer when guests are coming and the house is in a bit of a mess! Also, when you are ready to move into a bigger home, you can use it as your bedroom dresser.

4. A bar cabinet

You just can’t do without this important piece of furniture, the centerpiece in most of the entertaining that you’ll do in your home. Unless of course, you are a teetotaler.

5. Bold wallpaper

Investing in a statement wallpaper is a great idea. After all, your bachelor pad is what reflects you and your personality. So, why not let your walls do some talking?

6. Industrial shelves to house your books

Add a masculine touch to your interiors by getting some industrial shelves installed to house all your favorite books in. It wouldn’t just work as a focal point in the room, but also will also speak volumes of how well read and well-traveled you are. And in today’s world obsessed with electronic versions of everything, having books around will add an old-world charm to the space.

7. A desk

It’s a good idea to have a comfortable desk at home for those days when you bring work home. Let it be the space that you can work out of and enjoy uninterrupted light or a good view.

8. A nice coffee table

Invest in a nice coffee table and add to the décor of your cozy bachelor pad. It won’t just function as a place to keep the TV remote control, but will also serve as a place to set down a drink, magazines, other knick-knacks and occasionally even your feet!

9. A luxurious bathroom

A luxurious bathroom will be the one gift that you’ll be giving yourself. You don’t have to go all out and invest in a high-end shower cubicle, definitely not if you’re renting, but spend on small luxuries like a plush bathmat, good quality showerhead, and faucets, a nice retractable shaving mirror, or a shower bench to relax on.

10. A home theater system

This hardly needs elaborating. Transform watching movies at home into a theatre experience with a good home theatre system!

11. Industrial lighting

Bathe your territory in plenty of light. Use different kinds of lighting to serve different purposes. Make sure you have a mix of industrial pendant lights, recessed lighting, and task lighting.

12. Bold decor

You can make a bold statement with the décor in your bachelor pad. One of a few great ideas could be to hang your bike on one of the walls or the ceiling.
You could even invest in a big piece of abstract art that can be the focal point in your living space. It could be the one dash of color that you want to add to your neutral living area. You can even hang frames that display your favorite quotes to live by. Let your bachelor pad reflect your personality and style!

13. A pool or foosball table

No points for guessing that your bachelor pad is also a welcome refuge to many of your friends, which is why it becomes important to keep their entertainment in mind, especially when TV is just not enough. A pool table, or a foosball table can bring in the required action.

Have fun doing up your castle!