6 Tips To Buy Furniture Online

Last updated on June 12th, 2019

How many times has it happened to you, that you were simply browsing furniture online, and fell in love this beautiful state-of-the-art sofa.

Tips To Buy Furniture Online

You feel sure that this is the piece that will complete your home. You go ahead and order it! But then when your coveted couch arrives, you realize that it’s a misfit! So, what do you do at that moment? Screw-ups are meant to happen. But that doesn’t mean we will stop buying furniture online! Check out our top 6 tips for buying furniture online.

1. Measure before you buy

Tips To Buy Furniture Online

Measuring is the most crucial part of purchasing furniture. It’s much more important when you are purchasing a piece online. Since you are buying online, it means you might not be able to walk into a brick and mortar store and check out how that piece will fit in your space. Hence, you’ll need to ensure that you take a note of the correct measurement. Also, don’t forget to read the product description to find out the measurements. Additionally, read the terms and conditions and precisely, check if the company will send someone to assemble the piece for you, or you would need to do it on your own.

2. Read the product description and review carefully

Tips To Buy Furniture Online

Once you have shortlisted the furniture, read the product description carefully. Check for the materials being used, the color of the product, and the texture used, to make a decision.

3. Check for the Shipping Fees

Tips To Buy Furniture Online

Transporting big furniture pieces is a costly affair and most online dealers pass on this cost to the customer. Check the transportation and shipping charges to get a hang of the actual total cost to you, so you’re not befuddled once you get to the payment page.

4. Read Seller Rating & Reviews from other buyers

Tips To Buy Furniture Online

Product descriptions always sound complimentary. That’s why it is no big deal for a piece to sound and look exactly the way you wanted it to. And that is where customer reviews come to your rescue! ‘Product Review’ is the section where customers reveal their personal experience with the product.

While buying furniture online, these reviews will help you make a better decision. Try to find products that have the most number of reviews, read them carefully, and take note of the certain issues that have been mentioned by many customers, and then take a decision. However, remember that every piece will have a few negative reviews, but that certainly doesn’t mean that the product is bad. Look for all the metrics and then take a well-informed decision. Also, don’t forget to check seller reviews and how the seller takes care of customer issues. You may have picked a dependable and secure online shopping site, however, the merchant selling the item is equally crucial.

5. Check the return policy

Tips To Buy Furniture Online

No one buys furniture thinking that they might have to return it. Yet, it is a pain point for buying furniture online. At times, your best judgment may fail miserably. Hence, for all those times when we make mistakes, it is always better to read the return policy of the product. Check if the seller accepts returns, if there is any time-frame by which you need to return the product, and if there are there any hidden fees associated with the return.

6. Brand Warranty

Tips To Buy Furniture Online

Last but definitely not the least, before you make a furniture purchase online ensure that you read the warranty of the product. Reading the warranty will help you understand the term of the guarantee and also know if the company will send staff to you or if you would need to go to them in case the furniture requires repairs.