5 Easy Ways to Prevent Bug Bites

Last updated on June 18th, 2021

Monsoon means stagnant water – an ideal breeding ground for bugs and pests. These pesky little creatures thrive in wet and humid weather and bring with them irritating bites and rashes. But there are ways to prevent bug bites and we thought of putting together these 5 easy ways to prevent bug bites.

1. Say No to Stagnant Water

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Bug Bites - say no to stagnant water

As you already know, stagnant water is an open invitation for mosquitoes and other annoying creepy- crawlies to attack your home. Look around your house for stagnant water sources, and treat them as soon as possible to keep pest infestation under control.

2. Install Safety Nets

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Bug Bites - Install safety net

Another easy way to help you deter mosquitoes is by installing a mesh on the doors and windows. This way, you can keep your house ventilated without the fear of bug bites.

3. Stir up a Natural Insect-Repellent

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Bug Bites - Stir up a natural repellent

Stir up a natural insect-repellent to avoid getting bug bites. Here’s an easy recipe for you: add 10ml of lemon eucalyptus oil to 90 ml of coconut or olive oil and mix well. Apply the solution on your skin before stepping out. However, ensure that you are using organic lemon eucalyptus oil for better and effective results.

4. Cover Yourself Up

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Bug Bites - wear light colored clothes

An easy way to avoid getting bit by bugs is by covering yourself up. Avoid wearing breathable materials like cotton and linen. Instead, wear synthetic or athletic clothes. Additionally, avoid wearing dark colors like black, red, and blue as they attract mosquitoes.

5. Avoid Peak Insect Hours

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Bug Bites - stay indoor

Lastly, you can avoid insect bites by staying indoors during their peak activity hours.