7 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Making You Happy

Last updated on October 29th, 2021

What do you need at the end of a long and tiring day at work? A space that is pleasant and comforting to the senses. Right? But if your home hasn’t been giving you that feeling of late, it might be time to rethink your décor a little bit.

From overcrowded furniture to too many colors competing for attention to a flawed layout, here are a few simple reasons your interiors might be weighing you down. We also tell you what to do, to take things from drab to fab. Read on!

1. Cluttered Space

Décor is best when not overdone. There’s a reason why minimalistic décor is gaining popularity the world over. Keep your space light and uncluttered and it’ll instantly start looking spacious and inviting. We kid you not!

2. A Lack Of Light

The play of light is what makes décor beautiful. Whether it’s sunlight filtering in during the day or the light diffusing out of lamps and sconces in the night. If your room doesn’t’ have enough light, it can make the space look gloomy, which isn’t a welcoming sight to come back to. Open up your windows and replace heavy curtains with sheers and cotton. And invest in enough fixtures for ambient and task lighting.

3. Too Many Colors

You might love color, but using too many of them in a single space can seem chaotic on the eyes and make your space look cluttered. Give everything in your space enough room to breathe with a neutral palette and add hints of color as accents and accessories. And remember not to use more than 2-3 colors.

4. Poorly Arranged Furniture

Even beautiful furniture can lose all its charm if it isn’t arranged well. The idea of furniture is to encourage comfort and conversations and it might be time to let go of a few misplaced décor ideas. It’s absolutely okay to have space behind the sofa and you don’t have to move it all the way up against the wall. And it’s important to ensure that there’s enough space in the room to move about without bumping into anything.

5. No Plants

Nothing works like nature to cheer you and your interiors up. If you don’t have plants at home, this is one décor element your interiors are definitely missing out on. Refresh your interiors with a few plants and be awed by the difference it makes to your home and your spirits!

6. A Musty Smell

We all connect to smells very deeply and good or bad smells are known to have an instant impact on moods. Give yourself a nice, fragrant space to come back to, with reed diffusers or sprays you can DIY with natural ingredients.

7. Empty walls

While the empty space around wall art, called negative space accentuates the piece of art, blank walls make a space look lifeless and depressing. Cheer your walls up with interesting photographs from your holidays or tastefully done landscapes in nice frames and make all that negative space, positive.