8 Absolutely Brilliant Solutions For Small Spaces

Last updated on October 20th, 2021

You may live in a small apartment, but that doesn’t mean that you need to cut down on your style quotient! It is true that small apartment has its own pitfalls.

From questions on what kind of furniture to choose, how to ensure there’s ample light, to adding a hint of drama, all the way keeping your apartment from feeling cramped – we bring you the best of the tips and tricks to make the most out of your available square footage!

1. Create Some Drama

While decorating a small space, one is usually advised to keep the available square footage in mind and to keep things light and neutral in order to abstain from overpowering the space. However, that is not true! Particularly when it comes to wallpaper. A small apartment is an ideal place to infuse vibrant patterns and colors. And, utilizing wallpaper adds a touch of luxury, while keeping the costs down. Make use of wallpaper to accent a wall or emphasize an architectural point of interest. Additionally, the best part is you can change the look of your home as and when required!

2. Get Moody

When it comes to painting a small apartment or a room, our instinct is to go all white! Sure, white is a classic that reflects light, ultimately making the space appear bigger and brighter. However, dark colors have their own charm! Moody colors like gray, black, and blue add a sense of depth to the room, without being all somber!

3. Go Green!

Believe it or not, plants are an incredible decor element. They make your apartment feel alive while purifying the indoor air. Get creative while decorating with plants – think of adding a terrarium on the coffee table, or hanging planters in the living room to create a stunning statement. Additionally, the vibrant presence of the plants will add a pop of color to your home.

4. Keep it Monochromatic

While monochromatic is thought to mean sticking to one color, it actually means using the color in different shades and layers to create a unified space. Layering a single color in various shades can make a rich, impressive decor that is a la mode.

5. Window Treatment

Draperies are the easiest and snappiest way to add height to any space. Try to hang them from where your wall meets the ceiling and let them form a small puddle on the ground. To make the look smooth, search for a low-key track that gets hidden by the drapery.

6. Look on the Bright Side!

Lighting has a huge impact on making a small apartment appear bigger! There are plenty of tips and tricks to make a small apartment appear bigger. For instance, if you are looking to add height to the room, then choose a bold ceiling light fixture. This will help in drawing the attention upward.

7. Think Clever

When dealing with a small apartment, think of clever use of furniture. Instead of going with the traditional pieces, choose acrylic or glass furniture.

This will add a sense of space to the room. Additionally, always opt for legged furniture, as the space beneath the pieces will keep the space airy.

8. Keep it Simple!

When you don’t have a huge amount of space to play with but need to add some color, it’s best to keep things basic. Begin with a neutral color and include pops of color and a couple of metallic shades to spruce up your small space.