8 Herbs and Vegetables That You Can Grow At Home

Last updated on November 17th, 2020

If you’ve got a green thumb and like to watch things grow, why not have a mini herb garden at home, and season your food with fresh herbs right from your garden!

Here are 8 herb and vegetables that you can grow right at home and proudly eat what you’re growing!

1. Tulsi


Holy basil or Tulsi, is a common and widely grown herb in India. This is a plant that requires plenty of sunlight, regular watering and lots of loving care!

2. Coriander


One of the most widely used herbs in Indian cuisine, coriander can be grown easily at home. Just buy the seeds, soak them overnight in water and then plant them in fertile soil.

3. Chili


If you like to eat spicy food, you should have a chili plant at home. This plant requires warm weather and lots of sunlight to grow.

4. Mint

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Mint is probably the easiest and the quickest herb to grow in your kitchen garden! This herb must be harvested frequently for it to thrive. Also, make sure you don’t plant any other herb in the same pot with mint, as it has a tendency to choke the roots of other plants.

5. Tomato

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Tomatoes need to be grown under plenty of sunlight and can thrive at home in the right conditions.

6. Curry Leaves


Curry leaves are almost a staple not just in South Indian homes, but even in homes in North India. It needs regular watering and plenty of sunlight to grow. Grow it at home and you’ll never have to buy them from outside again!

7. Fenugreek


Fenugreek or Methi is another useful plant that can be grown at home. And growing them is quite easy. Just soak Methi seeds in water overnight, and sow them in a pot and water regularly.

8. Spinach


Spinach is pretty easy to grow at home too. Sow spinach seeds half inches apart. The seedlings will sprout within 5-14 days depending on the soil conditions.