9 Signs That Your Mattress Needs Replacing!

Last updated on March 21st, 2022

Alright. When was the last time you gave any serious thought to the state of your mattress? Or even checked what lay beneath your freshly laundered sheets?
If you thought these are things that you need to worry about when the warranty of your mattress is nearing expiration, well, think again. And while you’ve been busy trying to figure out the reason behind your unrelenting allergies, sleep deprivation, and/or backache, you might have been literally sitting on the most significant reason behind them all! Yes, a mattress in need of a replacement!

And remember, when going to shop for your new mattress, testing it by just pushing it with your hands or merely sitting on it won’t tell you how comfortable it is or isn’t. Take your pillow from home along, and actually try laying on the different beds in the same position that you sleep in, at night. Sounds crazy? Ask someone who’s just bought a new mattress and is extremely unhappy with it!
In the meantime, here are 10 ways your mattress is screaming out loud, that it’s time for a change!

1. You Can’t Seem To Remember When You Bought It

A Mattress doesn’t last forever. Eight, or ten years, tops. It might come with a 20-year warranty, but that’s not an indication of how long it’ll stay hygienic or even comfortable. And if you can’t remember when you bought it, it might already be past its expiration date!

2. You Are Sleepy During The Day

A mattress that can’t offer you good support, can leave your body tossing and turning all night long, trying to find a good sleeping position. And the result? A tired and sleepy you the next morning.

3. You Wake Up With Aches And Pains

A pain in your neck and back that starts in the mornings and tends to get better over the course of the day, is, in all likelihood, caused by a faulty mattress. The comfort layers in mattresses, as they age, lose their ability to support our mid-section, which then begins to sag into the mattress, resting literally on the springs inside, causing aches and pains.

4. You Sleep Better When You’re Away From Your Bed

Your bed should be able to give you eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. But if you find yourself using another bedroom, or the couch to seek relaxation, it might be time for your mattress to go.

5. Your Mattress Is Noisy

A bed needs to help you sleep. Which explains why under no circumstance should it be loud. Not even when you’re tossing and turning. If it is, then there’s something seriously wrong with its foundation. And when the foundation isn’t strong, you get our drift!

6. Your Mattress Is Visibly Sagging

Over time and constant use, the springs inside your mattress start to break down, resulting in an overall sagging of the mattress, and most sleep surveys suggest that even a little bit of sagging can cause back pain. And the more the sag, the greater becomes the discomfort, pain, and disruption of sleep.

7. Your Allergies Never Seem To End

If you find yourself constantly fending off symptoms of an allergy or asthma even when you don’t see any plausible reason behind it, the culprit may be right under you!
The trillions of dust mites that breed in our mattresses and the protein found in their fecal matter is what results in an aggravation of allergies.

8. Your Body Has Changed A Lot

It’s common for people to gain or lose weight during the life cycle of a mattress. But if the fluctuation is rather large, your mattress might no longer be able to give you the right support. Also, if you have added another person to your bed when earlier it used to support you solo, it might be time for a new mattress.

9. It Smells Weird

If you find your bedsheets smelling strange even when you change them once a week, your mattress might be behind the smell. Our mattresses have a way of collecting a lot of our dead cells and oils. Which attract bacteria and fungi, And the result? Smelly sheets!

Here’s wishing you a great sleep on a comfy mattress!