11 Unique Bookshelf Ideas for Book Lovers

Last updated on February 3rd, 2022

If your heart skipped a beat when Professor Quirrell took his turban off to reveal the face of Lord Voldemort, or when the Beast revealed that splendid library in Beauty and the Beast, then it is safe to say that you are a book lover.

As a child, you grew up going to libraries and bookstores rather than the shopping center. You’ve finished unputdownable books the night before the exam, utilized a volume of Paolo Coelho as a cushion, and believed that a good book is all you need to relax. You’ve fiddled with Kindles and iPads, however, they never appeal to you like the rich, papery feel each time you turn the sharp-cut pages of a novel.

While you’d love to keep each book you’ve ever read, your collection can quickly turn into a pile of mess. So, for your love for books, we’ve curated 11 amazing book storage ideas that will take your book obsession to the next level.

1. Book Rack in Wenge

If you are a sucker for uniqueness, then this book rack made out of solid wood is for you! The bookshelf comes with 12 hooks that can be detached and moved around to address your needs.

2. Book Seat

This book seat is a dream come true for all book lovers. The unique shape and functionality of the seat make it a suitable piece for any urban home.

3. Cut Shelves

This one-of-a-kind bookshelf is a must-have for all book lovers. The unique bookshelf comes with a lighting option that lets you pick your book in the night without disturbing your family.

4. Bathroom

If you are a person who likes to spend some reading time in the bathroom, then this book storage idea is for you. The in-built bookshelf enhances the architectural feature of the area, all the way breaking the monotony of the white walls.

5. Equilibrium Bookshelf

With its cantilevered modules stacked upon each other, the Equilibrium bookshelf is a one-of-a-kind piece that instantly gains attention. Though the bookshelf’s compartments appear to float in the air, it can actually hold more than 54kgs of weight.

6. Kitchen Island Bookshelf

A bibliomaniac will not limit himself/herself to store books in a conventional way. Hence, rather than buying a traditional bookshelf, this homeowner has opted for an inbuilt book storage unit on the kitchen island. The racks can also be used to display crockery.

7. Staircase Bookshelf

Owing to the number of books you own, falling short on storage is not a surprise. For such situations, use up the staircase space to build a stunning bookshelf.

8. Dimensional Bookshelf

Add in some geometric effect in your home with a dimensional shelf like this. Its unique hexagonal shape is bound to fetch the attention of guests.

9. Invisible Bookshelf

Create some mystery in your home with a floating bookshelf like this.

10. Day and Night Bookshelf

Featuring a unique shape, this bookshelf brings forth a different look in the day and a different one in the night-time.

11. Window Nook Bookshelf

Utilize the window in your home to make a stunning bookshelf-cum-seating unit like this!

Happy decorating, peeps!