Are You Making These Bedroom Decor Mistakes?

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

Decorating is highly personal. This is especially true when it comes to decorating your bedroom. The bedroom should be a reflection of your personality, unique taste whether it’s the furniture you pick or the accents you choose. Though there are no hard and fast rules that one needs to follow, there are decor mistakes that everyone makes, that can be avoided in order to create a stunning bedroom.

From ignoring the importance of wall art in a room to not paying heed to the lighting – we all are guilty of making some or the other decor mistakes that can single-handedly pull down the entire decor of the room. So, to help you out, we have asked our design experts to share the common decor mistakes to avoid in a room. Read on to know more.

1. Forgetting About Artwork

Most of us make this common decor mistake – ignoring the walls of the bedroom. Probably because the bedroom is the room used only by you and your family. While most people prefer having stunning artwork in the living or dining room (mostly because guests get to see these areas of the house!), our design experts suggest that the same amount of focus and thought should be given to decorating the bedroom. The right artwork will not only add decor interest to your bedroom but also add drama to a dull and boring wall!

2. Forgetting About Mood Lighting

Decor Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to decorating the bedroom, lighting is often overlooked. Probably because most of us are way too busy picking the bedding and furniture. That is a shame because lighting is a critical decor element in the bedroom. There is a lot more to bedroom lighting than just using overhead lights. Instead, include task and indirect lighting that bestows your bedroom with a soothing and warm glow. Think of wall scones above the nightstand or a floor lamp next to the bed or even a hanging statement light in the bedroom.

3. Not Having the Right-Sized Furniture

This happens to almost all of us – not having the right size furniture, which often ends up making your room cramped, or awkward. This happens because most of us don’t bother to take the measurement of the room, as well as the furniture we intend to buy. To avoid mistakes, measure the piece you want to buy and tape the width and length in a rectangle over the floor. The tape will indicate the area your furniture is going to consume. This way you will have a better idea about the furniture you should buy.

4. Using Bold Colors

Bold colors certainly have a place in the bedroom, however, try not to overwhelm the space with bold shades and patterns as the color will not let you rest easy. Stick to two primary shades and an accent shade to abstain from overpowering the bedroom. First, decide on the color scheme of the bedroom, starting with a fabric or wallpaper swatch, or even a piece of accessory. Once you have a starting point, the rest of the bedroom colors will fall in place. Consider delicate, quieted tones of blue, blush pink, and beige which will help you create a tranquil and peaceful space.

5. Getting the Rugs and Curtains Wrong

Decor Mistakes to Avoid

Do your draperies lie in a puddle on the floor? Does your rug look like a tiny thing amidst the room? Then you are definitely getting all the proportions wrong in your decor. Curtains should float just over the floor or the window ledge. And as for rugs, go for the biggest size you can afford, as small rugs can look somewhat lost in a big bedroom.

6. Running over the edge with cushions

A bed layered with cushions and throws is always a good-looking bed. However, try not to overdo it. No matter how much you love those cushions and believe that they are a fundamental piece of the bedroom, always remember you will require someplace to put them in the night. So, it is better to keep the number of cushions in control! The ideal number is two pillows and three cushions of various sizes and patterns that blend well with your color palette.

Steer clear of these mistakes, peeps. Happy decorating!