Here Are 5 More Steps To Getting Your Home Monsoon-Ready!

Last updated on June 7th, 2022

While little else can compare to experiencing rains unleashing their magic on the earth from your home with a mug of your favorite brew in your hands, let’s admit it. The rainy season can let things go out of hand if not prepared for in advance. 

So, here’re the next 5 things you can do to rain-proof your home and enjoy the monsoons without letting them put a damper on things!

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1. Put the carpets away 

Mud, wet feet, and damp air are a terrible combination when it comes to the life of your rugs. It’s a good idea to put them away and keep them someplace safe and dry until the end of the monsoon season. If you’re keen on using a rug, use a light cottony one in a bright color to lift the spirits up or decide to go bare!

2. Switch the curtains 

Replace heavier curtains that helped block out sunlight during the summer months with light and breezy sheer curtains that’ll make sure they let as much sunlight in as possible and keep the air inside your home fresh and dry. 

3. Moisture-proof your kitchen storage

Your kitchen, especially your pantry is another area that would need attention during monsoons, as the heavy moisture content in the air makes stored grains and other food items susceptible to worm and fungal infestation. Airtight glass canisters and jars can be your best friends during this time. Replace plastics ones with those. Try and sun-dry your grains and pickles whenever the sun allows. It’s also better to keep the kitchen dry at all times. If your cabinets smell funny, keep an open pack of coffee grounds and the smells would be replaced with the fresh aroma of coffee, every time you open the cupboards. 

 4. Take care of your clothes

Clothes lying unused in the closet can start to emanate a musty smell during monsoons. It’s important to air them out sometimes if you find them smelling strange. It might also be a good idea to invest in moisture absorber sachets (easily available online) and keep them inside the cupboard. You could also consider natural remedies like keeping pouches containing camphor and cloves, to keep your clothes smelling fresh during the rainy season.                  

5. Invest in a good doormat

Good quality doormats that can absorb dirt and moisture at entry and exit points are important to make sure these are not brought into the house. Non-plastic ones would do a better job of catching dirt and rainwater. It’s also important to make arrangements near the door to hang rain-soaked accessories like raincoats, umbrellas, etc., as one enters. 

If you think we missed out on anything, do let us know in the comments section!

Enjoy the rains everyone!