10 Sneaky Ways To Create Visual Space!

Last updated on January 5th, 2022

Whether you live in a comparatively small space, or your home is piled high with things, space constraint, in these times is real. However, that doesn’t have to mean that you let it cramp your style! There are several ways to create that extra space without moving houses!

Here are 10 of those tricks you can use to fool the eyes and make your space appear bigger, effortlessly.

1.  Invest In Lucite Furniture

Lucite furniture is all the rage this season. And for all the right reasons. Not only does it add a chic elegance to the room, but opens up the space, thus creating an illusion of a larger space.  Also, unlike other furniture, it doesn’t obstruct the flow in the décor, but rather enhances it with its light presence.

2. Get Low-Level Furniture

It’s time to do away with your bulky old couch and opt for low-level furniture. Low-level furniture creates the illusion of space by making the ceiling appear higher.

3. Go For Furniture With Legs

Choosing mid-century modern furniture with long legs and pared-back outlines can instantly make your home look bigger and more spacious.

4. Use Mirrors To Your Advantage

Mirrors are an excellent way to make your home appear roomier. Just place a large mirror in one corner of the room, and see how the room expands in size in a play of shadows and lights.

5.  Have Your Sofa Face A Window

When you place a sofa facing a wall, it makes the space look cramped. However, putting a sofa facing a window makes a space look brighter and bigger. Try it today!

6. Hang Your Curtain Rods Close To The Ceiling

Instead of hanging your curtain rods right above the window, place them near the ceiling to give the room a rather luxe appeal and also make it appear spacious.

7. Install Invisible Shelves

Go for hidden shelves instead of the usual ones to create an illusion of space in your home.

8. Set Up A Corner Sofa

Most people forget to use the corners of their homes. Place an L-shaped sofa in a corner and put unused space to good use, which will free up floor space elsewhere. And there you have it. A bigger room, just like that!

9.  Let Natural Light In

Believe it or not, nothing makes your home look bigger than sunlight filtering into it. So, open up those windows, and let light flood into your space.

10. Stay Organized

Nothing can compete with clutter to make a room appear messy and small. Designate a place for everything in your home, keep it organized and watch it expand visually in front of your very eyes!

Happy decorating, peeps!