9 Feng Shui Tips For Small Apartments

Last updated on March 14th, 2022

Although the concept of Feng Shui originated in China, it is practiced and followed the world over. As per this philosophy, in order to be Feng Shui correct, homes should be places with good “qi” – which is a form of energy and good vibes.

We’ve curated this list of the top 9 Feng Shui tips for apartment dwellers, to make your small apartment your place of comfort, joy, and positive vibes Go right ahead and use them!

1. Light it up!

We understand that not every apartment situated in the heart of a city has the luxury of natural light. If you are one of the lucky people who get plenty of sunlight, do make use of it. Make sure you pull your blinds up and push your windows open as soon as you wake up to let lots of natural light in and, along with it, positivity.

And if the location of your apartment makes it difficult for natural light to enter your home, make sure you make up for it with plenty of lamps and warm lights to keep up the positivity in your home.

2. Follow the 36-inch rule

If possible, we suggest you keep a minimum space of 36-inches (91.44 cms) between every piece of furniture in your apartment. This will ensure that your house is less cluttered, and it will naturally bring in a sense of calm to the space. If following the 36-inch rule is not possible, we suggest you try the 18-inch rule.

3. Get that Headboard

Getting a headboard above your bed is more important than you think. A headboard depicts comfort and a sense of permanency of location in Feng Shui, thus connecting you more with your home. Apart from the Feng Shui aspect, getting a headboard will also add aesthetically to your apartment.

4. Grow green, green, and more green!

Grow as many plants as you can within the limits of the space that you can afford to use in your apartment. Growing a plant is considered therapeutic and is a great tip to make your apartment Feng Shui correct – plants represent life and are great for bringing positivity to your apartment. Needless to say, they are also an inexpensive way to beautify it!

5. Highlight the entrance

Feng Shui believes that it is essential to make the entrance to your apartment distinct and highlighted. You can do this by adding extra lights at the doorway, using a carpet or mat, painting the door with a different color, etc.

6. Separate the sleeping space from the work area

In a small apartment, keeping the area where you sleep away from your work area is very important. If these two are close to each other, the sense of calmness and positivity in the house might be affected. This will end up diminishing the good ‘qi’ in the home.

7. Aromatherapy is the best therapy

Making sure your home smells nice is one of the best tips to follow to make your apartment Feng Shui right. And even otherwise, investing in a diffuser, incense, fragrant oils, and room fresheners is never a bad idea. A mild yet refreshing fragrance will also calm you down and help you feel relaxed.

8. The Yin-Yang Rule

Following the Yin-Yang rule is a must to make your apartment Feng Shui correct. As per this rule, all the places in your apartment that you will use for resting (Yin) should be separated from all the places that would witness heavy activity (Yang). The Yin spaces in your home would be the bedroom, the couch, the yoga room, etc. While the exercise area, living room, dining area, etc. would be the Yang spaces.

9. Choose the right color

Last but not least, as per Feng Shui, painting your walls the right color can make all the difference. For positivity and good vibes, going for a bright pastel color is recommended. You can mix and match different colors as per your taste. You might want to go for a lighter shade for your bedroom to make it a calm place ideal for relaxing.

Following these simple and inexpensive tips can help make your small apartment Feng Shui correct and leave it brimming with the right vibes!

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Have fun decorating, everyone!