7 Genius Ways To Give Your Living Room A Big Dose Of Color

Last updated on October 14th, 2021

Adding colors to the living room without going overboard can be tricky. Colors don’t just affect your moods, feelings, and emotions, but also tell your guests who you are. And with so many options and opinions doing the rounds both online and otherwise, choosing what will work well for your home can get a tad overwhelming, to say the least.

This is why, to make your life easier, we have listed some of our designers’ favorite tips to guide you with your living room makeover, allowing you to get it guest-ready in a few simple tricks.

1. Arresting Accent Walls

One of the most affordable ways to add stunning color to a living space, that many interior designers swear by, is by using accent walls. These are walls behind your main furniture, television, or the first wall that the eye rests on when one enters your home. The idea is to turn this plain wall into a focal point, with a paint color or wallpaper, that makes it stand out.

2. Dainty Doors

A fun and off-beat way to add color to your living room is by painting the doors. You can decide if you want to paint just the main door or the other doors opening into your living space as well. It is the simplest and least expensive design change that brings a sea of change to the way your living room looks. You can decide to go off the beaten path and choose trendy and bright colors like yellow, blue, or even red. A caveat: Inexpensive as it might be, this isn’t a design change for the faint at heart!

3. Perky Plants

One of the most beautiful (and healthy!) ways to introduce color into a space is through plants. Faux plants as well as real ones, with their brilliant colors and texture, provide a stunning visual element to a setting, that few other decor elements can. And if you have a green thumb, you can surround yourself with these green companions adding incredible beauty to your space and purifying your air – it doesn’t get any better (and healthier) than this.
But much like having pets, plants come with responsibilities too. Try to avoid mistakes that many people make when choosing plants for their homes. Do not just get plants that are attractive but hard to keep alive or ones that won’t be able to adapt to the weather in your area. Choose plants that are easy to care for, know their water and sunlight needs, and see your home coming alive with their presence.

4. Ravishing Rugs

Another stunning element that can breathe color into your living room is the one underfoot – the rug. Rugs rate very highly on visual appeal and therefore make maximum impact. They are also inexpensive, easy to maintain, and come in a huge variety of colors, textures, and designs. With this simple change, you can instantly elevate the decor of your space. Just keep two things in mind. One – make sure the rug you choose complements the decor of your living room. And two, keep in mind is how easy or difficult your lifestyle would make keeping your rug clean and presentable at all times. If you have pets, for instance, you may have to look for options that are hardy, easy to clean and match the color of your pet’s fur.

5. Colorful Couches

Interior decor once meant sticking to traditional designs and neutral color palettes, when it came to furniture. Today’s home decor enthusiasts are breaking this stereotype by investing in eye-catching and playful furniture, and they’re absolutely spot-on! If you want to add a really bold statement to your living room, get yourself a vibrant couch – we are talking Racy reds, Sunny yellows, and Brilliant blues! Make statement furniture the focal point in your living room and see the entire space looking transformed beyond belief.

6. Fabulous Furnishings

Here’s an easy-peasy way to add a splash of life and color to dull and drab interiors that seem to be fraying at the edges. Just get a rich mix of drapes, cushions, and throws in different textures, prints, and patterns. However vibrant these are, will decide the mood and ambiance that you create in your living room. What’s more, these accessories allow you to be flexible. You can change them with changing seasons, trends, or for no reason at all!

7. Artsy Accessories

Our last recommendation is perhaps the easiest to implement. You can bring the extraordinary into your living space with colorful and unique accessories! Every striking piece of art you put out in your home, tells a story about you and can be a great conversation starter. What story would you like your home to tell others?

Do you know of any other affordable ways to add color to a space? Bring them on! Share your ideas in the comment section.