Leo? Keep These 9 Things in Mind When Decorating Your Home!

Last updated on November 9th, 2021

Leos, the rulers of the zodiac, have a reputation that precedes them. Leos are known to be generous to friends. They have a flamboyant style and like to host parties. They work hard and play harder- is this beginning to sound familiar? We thought so.

We are here to help your Leo soul thrive in your home. After all, a lion’s den should reflect their best self. Let us look at nine ways to infuse your royal personality into your home.

1. Lights, lights, lights

Leos are sunflowers – they need bright spaces to grow in. Remove thick curtains and swap them for sheer, lace ones. Use pendant lights or table lamps to illuminate dark areas. A well-lit space can be the difference between feeling happy and productive or feeling listless and gloomy.

2. Show off your hard work!

Let your friends and family admire your achievements because nothing boosts your confidence more. Create a shelf to show off your awards, or place your certificates in tasteful frames and hang them on your walls. You can also choose memo boards to make photo collages. Pick moments that make you proud and are close to your heart.

3. Remove the clutter

Nothing cheapens the look of a room more than odds and ends lying about. Remove any broken equipment and get it fixed. Find an organization system that works for the random stuff around the house (for example, you may want to dedicate a drawer to file bills and other papers). Remember, a clean space looks rich automatically.

4. Add metallic accents

Bold metallic accessories can elevate the look of any room. A photo frame in gold, a table with metal hairpin legs, ornate metallic sconces…. there are endless ways to add gold and silver into a room.

We advise exercising caution when mixing your metals – it can be very tricky to make it look cohesive. Stick to all gold, all silver, or all copper tones in one room and run with it.

5. Use natural materials instead of plastics

Plastic accessories can, unfortunately, kill the look of a room, and Leos are just not about that life. Use a wooden or bamboo pen stand instead of a plastic one, or use wicker chairs on the balcony instead of plastic ones – see how it instantly livens up the space. Look for vintage pieces in hardwood or metal for durability.

6. Ditch the basics

Many stylists will tell you to stick to basics such as white or beige for your walls and larger pieces of furniture (such as the sofa or the bed frame etc.). But those who know Leos know that too many basics can become boring. So go ahead, use textured paint in interesting colors on your living room walls. Add a velvet headboard to your bed. Get a beautiful emerald-colored sofa. Things that look clean and classic to a Virgo may be too blah for a Leo. Just keep the color scheme of the overall room cohesive, and you’ll be fine!

7. Add sentimental items

There will always be objects in our home that hold nostalgic value. Put them on display so that your loved ones are always with you. Frame a picture with your parents. If you inherited any furniture from your family, use it daily. Use that pretty hand-me-down scarf as a table runner. Use memorable mugs to hold paintbrushes. Gifts from loved ones do not belong in a closed cupboard.

8. Give flowers some room

Liven up your space with fresh flowers, especially for special occasions. Even a few blooms placed in little glass vases, dotted around the house, will put a smile on your face. If you are willing to commit to taking care of live plants, add some marigolds or gladioli to your home. The sight and smell of flowers is an instant mood booster.

9. Find your signature colors

What colors do your eyes naturally gravitate towards? The Leos that we know personally tend to favor tones of orange and red. Find ways to incorporate these colors in the furnishings – through curtains, cushions, and rugs. Pops of bright colors can make a room look happier. Bask in the color of your choice.

Leos are uncomplicated people. They need a bright, happy, uncluttered environment to thrive. Be sure to start with a clean home before making any design decisions. You can refer to this quick guide to clear out your space. And here are some great ways of adding style to your apartment.

Go ahead, create a home that gives you safety, comfort, and pride!