7 Interior Design Tips Apartment Owners Need ASAP!

Last updated on October 14th, 2021

You know your house needs a revamp when it starts to feel dull and uninteresting to the eye. In such a case, don’t push away plans to remodel your apartment, just because you think the process might be tedious and time-consuming.

Check out our list of handy and effortless tips to transform your living space into one that you love living in!

1. Make your room stand out with Colors and Patterns

Even if you don’t change a thing in your apartment and just paint it over and introduce patterns, you can give your home an entirely new and refreshing look. This is the easiest, most budget-friendly way to change the look of your personal space. Choosing colors and patterns according to the size of the room plays a major role in deciding whether the space would feel larger or smaller afterward.

For a small, living room with heavy furniture and wall decor, pick lighter colors to make the space feel brighter and larger. Also, make sure you choose breezy and light-colored patterns to create a look that does not overpower you.

2. Get Off-the-floor or Slender-legged furniture

Something that can make your modest house appear even smaller is large and on-the-floor furniture. Where small rooms are concerned, choose small furniture pieces. If you must have bigger furniture like large cabinets, go for ones that have short legs, or better yet, are wall-mounted.

3. Let a Statement piece take center stage

A statement piece could be anything: decorative rugs, plants, statues, paintings, a chic coffee table, or a colorful bookshelf. It forms a focal point in a space and takes the attention away from the non-so-pretty spots that you cannot do anything about, such as bulky furniture and dark corners.

4. Create more light with Mirrors

Does your room feel darker in certain areas? Then a simple and decorative way to illuminate it is by adding a mirror. Besides brightening up the space, mirrors can make your rooms appear larger. Placing mirrors in just the right places will reflect light from the windows. These bathe the space in natural light, touching even those dark corners where natural light isn’t able to reach. You can add mirrors in each room of your apartment. Hang mirrors in the dining area and lean full-size mirrors in the bedrooms to make the spaces look expansive. It’s a good idea to keep them near windows for maximum effect.

5. Hide away unsightly Wires and Pipes

Those wires around your TV unit or the pipes coming out of your AC can take away the look of a room. Try including plastic skirting boards or DIY coverings to hide unsightly wires and pipes. Use clever accessories in places where DIY coverings are not possible. Wall art that hides an unsightly nail-hole on a wall, for instance.

6. Divide spaces with Rugs

Apart from adding a style statement to your rooms, rugs offer an excellent way to divide a large space into different sections. The rug under the couch in the living room designates the area for conversations and get-togethers, while the one under your dining table sets the place aside for meals. This is especially true for open-plan living spaces.

7. Create a Gallery wall

Take some of your special photos and artwork and hang them up on a wall, throw in some quirky memorabilia you may have accumulated over the years – and you have yourself a gallery wall, adding an interesting and lively touch to your interiors. Trust us, it is a stunning and unique conversation starter you’ll have your guests appreciating, over the countless lunches and dinners you host.

While these are just 7 recommendations, the possibilities within them are endless! Mix and match these decor tips, experiment with frames, furniture, patterns, and statement pieces, and watch your home transform right in front of you.

Let us know if you have something else up your sleeve!