5 Ways to Make Your Home Look Less Claustrophobic

Last updated on July 9th, 2021

Sometimes the right furniture and its right placement can make all the difference between a home (even a small one) looking cramped or feeling expansive.

The Homebliss editorial team brings you 5 ways to make your home appear less cramped. Ways that really work!

1. Invest in storage enabled furniture

Choose furniture that is storage enabled. This won’t just give you additional storage options, it’ll obviate the need to create storage space elsewhere in the house, thereby making the house look larger.

2. Organize your furniture well

Arrange your furniture to create a cozy conversation nook, instead of pushing it all the way up to the walls, although that might seem like it makes the space appear roomier. The idea of a couch and chairs around it, is for people to sit and be able to have a conversation. Not having to raise their voices to be heard.

3.  Create an illusion of space

A great way to make your furniture look less overwhelming is to match it with the color of your walls. This takes away a lot of the visual weight from it, making it easy on the eyes, and making the room appear larger than it really is.

4. Free-up floor space

Make use of as much vertical space as possible and keep things off the floor. A floor space that’s clear, gives a feeling of expanse, even when the room isn’t too large.

5. Pick proportionate artwork

Oversized artwork doesn’t always make a great statement. In fact, one of the prerequisites of making an artwork look aesthetically pleasing in a room is to make sure it is proportionate to the size of the room and the wall it is on. Too big, or too small and it will fail to make the sort of impact that you desire.