You Need To Get Rid Of These 12 Things From Your Kitchen ASAP!

Last updated on April 5th, 2023

Have you ever done a thorough audit of your kitchen? With time, so many unused, broken, and expired products get piled up in the kitchen. Stay on top of your kitchen game by going through the checklist in this article. Do this kitchen cleanout regularly to keep your kitchen in a tip-top state!

Here are 12 things you need to get rid of as soon as possible!

1. Old spices

Check the expiration dates on spices to make sure you are using them at the height of their flavor. If the herb or spice loses its characteristic aroma when you pinch it between your fingers, it has passed its expiration date.

2. Cooking oils

Start by taking out all cooking oils from your pantry shelves. Next, check expiration dates, remove lids to make sure the necks aren’t cracked, and taste the oils to check they’re still okay. Discard cracked bottles, stale oils, and anything that has passed its expiration date.

3. Plastic storage containers

Plastic containers tend to pile up in the kitchen, taking up precious space. Take out all the containers and lids and lay them out. Examine each container carefully. Throw away all the cracked, broken, or old containers, as they can release harmful chemicals when the plastic starts to break down.

4. Expired pantry staples

Take inventory of pantry items using your senses of smell and taste after emptying the refrigerator. You may also perform a fast taste test and toss anything that smells bad. Keep a list of everything you need to buy and dispose of those you haven’t used or won’t use. Check the packages and cans for expiration dates, and throw away anything past its prime.

5. Old refrigerated items

Opened lunch meat, out-of-date condiments, and food that hasn’t been eaten in three to six days should all be thrown away. In order to give your refrigerator a fresh start, check the expiration dates on condiments on a weekly basis.

6. Frozen foods

Purge frozen foods sometimes to keep your freezer organized and make sure the stuff you’re reheating is healthy to eat. In general, everything frozen for longer than a year should be thrown aside.

7. Mugs, cups, and drinkware

Mugs are great gifting items and can quickly collect in your kitchen. The same is the case with teacups, glasses and other drinkware. Take stock of these items and throw away any broken or chipped glasses. These can be harmful while drinking out of them, so it’s best to discard them.

8. Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen equipment and gadgets take up a lot of space. For the gadgets you don’t use frequently, store them away from the kitchen. Place any item you don’t use on a regular basis in a closet, a cellar, or a pantry.

9. Broken pots and baking gear

Pots, pans, and baking tools get the most use in a kitchen. They are typically made from durable materials, meaning they will last you a very long time. Every once in a while, make a note of broken or dented cookware. Discard such items as they can be harmful to cook in.

10. Silverware and cutlery

Place all your cutlery out on the counter. Group them by sets and throw away any individual pieces that don’t belong. You can also donate extras to charity if you feel like you own too many sets of forks, knives, spoons, straws, etc.

11. Miscellaneous junk items

Each kitchen has a miscellaneous drawer where random household items are kept. If you’re not cautious, this drawer could easily turn into a storage area for useless goods. Sort through each junk drawer’s contents after emptying them. Anything that is of no use should be discarded. Online user manuals, takeout menus, and receipts that are no longer needed can all be recycled.

12. Grocery bags

Instead of keeping your grocery bags in a cupboard or drawer, store them in your car. This will free up a lot of cabinet room for storing cooking supplies. If you have too many grocery bags, recycle the remainder and only keep as much as is needed for a week or two.


Things can accumulate in your kitchen over time if you don’t pay attention to them. Use this checklist to purge all the unnecessary items in your kitchen. You will find many more useful kitchen tips and tricks on Homebliss.