7 Brilliant Home Improvement Fixes

Last updated on February 11th, 2022

Change is always good, but renovation requires time, money, and energy (which aren’t always available). But that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your home when you want to. With the right decor solution, you can freshen up your tired home, well within a budget that works for you.

Here are 7 brilliant home improvement ideas that guarantee a noteworthy change with way less commitment than redesigning a whole room.

1. How to fix a tired room?

If painting or adding wallpaper seems tedious, you can give a worn-out room a brand new look by changing its accessories. Choose coordinated pillows, throws, rugs, and lampshades to breathe fresh life into your space in a jiffy.

2. How to spruce up an old furniture piece?

Brilliant Home Improvement Fixes
Give an old piece of furniture a fresh look with some new fabric. It is much more economical and eco-friendly than buying new furnishings. If you find that overwhelming, invest in some slipcovers to give your exhausted furniture a new lease on life.

3. How to fix a boring entryway?

Brilliant Home Improvement Fixes It can be challenging to set the perfect welcoming environment with a dull or sterile-looking entryway. However, you can cheer up the area with a rug, a cushioned seat, and add a potted plant. You can even think of adding a console table, some books, and hanging a mirror above to brighten up the area. And keep a wicker basket next to the door to corral your everyday bric-a-brac.

4. How to speed clean when company is arriving?

Brilliant Home Improvement Fixes

Cleaning can be quite a task, especially when you have unexpected company arriving. It doesn’t have to! Simply pick a basket and start dumping things that you see out of their place and dump the basket inside a closet. And voila! You have a fairly clean space to welcome your unexpected guests.

5. How to fix an outdated bathroom?

You don’t want your guests to be put off by an outdated bathroom. Give your bathroom or powder room a touch-up with new fixtures, towel bars, and a mirror.

If replacing hardware isn’t possible, then let new bath linen do the work. Hang a new shower curtain, add color-coordinated towels and an area rug, and you’ll have created a new look in the blink of an eye. Oh! And don’t forget to add a vase of flowers to give your bathroom an instant face-lift.

6. How to spruce up a tired guest bedroom?

Last-minute overnight visitors knocking at your door? A couple of easy decor tricks can make them feel at home.

Fill a vase with fresh flowers, add an alarm clock, and a table lamp on the bedside table. Keep fresh linen, extra pillows, and a quilt in the cupboard. Also, don’t forget to add a few books or magazines for late-night reading.

7. How to tackle toy chaos?

Brilliant Home Improvement Fixes

Toys seem to multiply like nobody’s business! This is especially true during the holiday season when kids have loads of time to play with new toys and rediscover old ones.

Assign space in your kids’ room for toys, and ask them to clean up before sleeping. If toy storage isn’t available, give your kid a plastic box with his or her name on it, and send him/her through the rooms to place toys into their bins. Stack the filled containers on a low-lying rack for easy access.

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