9 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Appear Big

Last updated on July 5th, 2022

If you have a super small bedroom and just don’t know how to fit in all your stuff without making it appear cramped, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at 9 tried and tested ways to make the tiniest of bedrooms appear nice and big.

1. Use Light Colors

A lighter palette makes a room appear bigger and brighter which is why it is a great idea to give the room a coat of white or off-white paint.

2. Choose A Smaller Bed 

Space is precious in a small room and you will be surprised by how much space, just opting for a smaller bed frees up. And if you think about it, do you really need such a big bed to sleep anyway?

3. Use Walls For storage

Free up space on the floor by using open and closed shelving and storage space on the walls. Also, use mirrors that hang on the walls instead of large mirrors that sit on the floor.

4. Put Corners To Use


Create a small study area in your bedroom by putting one of the corners to use. Just install a desk at the corner with some shelving space above it, and it will feel like a separate work area, and at the same time fill up the dead space, bringing it to life.

5. Invest In Multifunctional Furniture

Invest in furniture that serves more than one purpose. For instance, a bed that has a bookshelf at the headboard and storage space underneath is serving three separate functions and freeing up space that a bookshelf and storage units on the floor would have taken up.

6. Create Storage Space

Invest in nice looking boxes, straw baskets and nesting tables to create storage space that declutters your room and adds character.

7. Put Your Wardrobe on Display

If you are proud of your wardrobe (and can manage to keep it tidy), put it on display with hanging rails. The bottom of the space can be used to show off your boots and shoes.

8. Use Storage Under The Bed To Stow Away Junk

Make optimal use of the limited space available and invest in a bed that has plenty of storage under it. Even if you don’t have a bed with built in storage, you can get drawers or boxes to store miscellaneous items and keep all the clutter hidden away under the bed.

9. Use Up Ignored Spaces

Look for nooks and corners in the house that are bare and can be utilized. This is the simplest way to maximize storage space in a small bedroom. For instance, you could use the space behind the door to create a hanging rack to store miscellaneous items or fix clothing hooks to hang clothes from.

Happy decorating, folks!