Clean Your Home Office Desk And Make A Fresh Start!

Last updated on February 24th, 2023

Do you keep on piling up things on your desk without knowing? Home office desks can get quite cluttered over time if they are not cleaned regularly. This is your reminder to take a good look at your home office desk. Declutter and clean your desk to get a fresh start!

It’s time to tidy up your workspace, including any office supplies you use. Your office will become cleaner, more enjoyable and more productive when your desk is cleaned and refreshed. Whether it is an adjustable standing desk or just a flat surface, find out how to disinfect and clean your home desk.

How Often You Should Clean Your Desk

Your home office desk is a furniture item that needs to be cleaned at least once every week, regardless of style. Crumbs or beverage spills should be cleaned up right away, and electronic equipment needs to be cleaned every week. Sort your documents monthly and either properly file them or recycle them. To get rid of the clutter that tends to build up in and on a desk, perform a thorough clean-out and reorganize twice a year.

How to Clean Your Home Office Desk:

Empty it out!

Desks with cramped drawers or surfaces covered with junk are tough to clean. Label three boxes with sticky notes as “Keep,” “Trash,” and “Recycle.” Add a fourth box if you possess things that can be given to charity. As you clean and tidy, clear the workspace and the storage underneath. If possible, turn off, remove the desktop, and set aside electronic equipment.

Sort through everything

Examine everything you have taken off your desktop and out of the desk drawers. Each pile of papers should be sorted and suitable documents should then be filed or recycled. Examine the trinkets and ornamental items, such as photos of the family. Be strict and only keep what you require or value. Examine the office supplies and dispose of or donate items that are no longer required or functional.

Dust off the surfaces

Dust off the desk now that the surface is free and the storage is bare. Electrostatic dusters are suitable to use on all surfaces, even electronics and they catch dust. If the desk is positioned along a wall and has equipment cords, don’t miss the dust behind it. Use a hand-held vacuum to clean out drawers.

Do a deep clean

A disinfectant wipe can be used to clean laminated desks. Clean the surface, then let it air dry. For trays, hardware pulls, and drawer interiors, follow the same procedure. Use cleansers made specifically for wooden surfaces or a cloth dipped in a light soapy solution to clean wood desks. Wipe the desktop along the wood grain and wring the towel until it is barely damp. Finally, use a microfiber cloth to dry.

If your desktop is made of glass, you should use isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner along with a microfiber cloth to get rid of fingerprints, smudges and stains.

Reorganize your desk storage

You can now put the sorted supplies and tidy drawers back on your desk. To keep materials organized and simple to access, use compact organizing containers or trays.

Clean your digital devices

It is advisable to dust and clean your desktop computer, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, headphones, remotes and laptop before setting them back on your desk. You can sanitize and wipe surfaces without harming them if you use the right cleaning supplies.

Here are some extra tips

Make sure that you keep a waste-paper basket or a trash bin near your desk. This can help you get rid of clutter. Also, after each use, do a quick wipe-down of your devices to keep dust off of them. You can use a cord manager to sort through the messy bundle of cords that can attract unnecessary dust. Remember to put away everything after each work session. That way, your desk won’t get cluttered and you’ll be able to be more productive.


Like these tips? Follow this method to clean out your home office regularly. This checklist will let you stay on top of your cleaning game without worry. For more cleaning and home organization articles, browse through Homebliss blog posts!