9 Dirtiest Places in Your Bathroom!

Last updated on March 7th, 2023

Bathrooms are some of the dirtiest places in our homes. While you may be cleaning your bathroom regularly, a few areas tend to remain dirty, collecting dust and germs!

Here are 9 of the dirtiest places in your bathroom.

1. Bathroom towels

If bath towels are allowed to completely dry in between usage, they can frequently be used multiple times. However, if bath mats, beach towels, and bath and hand towels are shared or not laundered frequently enough, issues start to come up. Hand towels must be changed daily and properly cleaned, particularly if anyone in the home is sick.

2. Cosmetic brushes and tools

Facial brushes, makeup brushes, tweezers, eyelash curlers, manicure and pedicure equipment, and all other objects that come into direct touch with your skin and bodily fluids are susceptible to bacterial contamination. Make sure you clean them regularly to avoid harmful bacteria.

3. Mildew and growing mold

Your bathroom is the ideal environment for mold and mildew growth. There is enough body dirt and humidity to support growth. While mold, or mildew, is unattractive, it is typically not very hazardous. It is best to treat it quickly if it manifests.

The best strategy to stop mildew and other dangerous molds from growing is to reduce humidity by improving air circulation. After a steamy shower, the bathroom exhaust should be operated for a minimum of 20 minutes. After each usage, let linens and shower curtains dry thoroughly and as quickly as you can.

4. Door knobs, faucets, and switches

Not everyone is vigilant about thoroughly washing their hands after using the restroom. Your hands could still be dirty when you switch on the lights after entering a room. Body dirt, mold, yeast, and bacteria can be found on doorknobs, electrical switches, and faucet handles, seriously harming family members’ health.

Have some cleaning wipes readily available, and at least once a day, quickly wipe down everything. If someone has a cold or a virus, do it more frequently.

5. Loofah, scrubs, and brushes

Body dirt and skin debris can be easily removed with loofahs, shower brushes, and scrubbing poofs. They are also excellent at storing all that dirt, yeast, and bacteria, allowing you to reapply them to your skin the following time you use them.

Wash all your scrubs and brushes with soap and rinse them properly. Take them out of the shower and put them in a well-ventilated area to dry naturally. For a complete cleaning, frequently use them in the washing machine.

6. Bathroom vent

After a steaming bath or shower, extra moisture must be removed, which requires a bathroom vent or exhaust. But is it operating properly? The fan may be recirculating hazardous particles if it is improperly vented to the external exhaust system or if the inside is covered in dust and mold.

7. Water quality

Unattractive spots on bathroom fixtures result from hard water, particularly water that contains high concentrations of minerals such as calcium and lime. To check your water quality, you can buy a kit for testing your water.

8. Showerhead

Even though soap scum can clog showerhead nozzles, it is simple to remove using distilled white vinegar. Showerheads provide a greater risk because of what might be inside of them. Make sure that your showerheads are getting cleaned thoroughly and frequently!

9. Bathroom floor

If your property was constructed before the 1970s and has vinyl tile flooring, it might contain asbestos. Asbestos has been established as a carcinogen. Virtually all vinyl generates volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so make sure that your bathroom is properly ventilated. Choose vinyl floorings that are made with strict indoor air quality regulations. You can avoid health hazards by choosing a low VOC Vinyl and glue that is installed properly.

Summing Up

Cleaning your bathroom thoroughly can get easier when you know which areas to tackle! Ensuring that these 9 areas in your bathroom are sanitized can let you be worry-free about your family’s health. For more information on home cleaning, check out Homebliss blogs!