9 Everyday Habits To Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner For Longer

Last updated on October 29th, 2021

Cleaning the bathroom is a chore no one enjoys! But the things that a bathroom gets used for constantly, and on a daily basis, hardly leaves us with a choice. After all, who doesn’t want a fresh and fragrant bathroom, every time they need to use it?

How about we take a look at a few everyday habits that will make this distasteful chore a whole lot easier and something that you’ll need to do a whole lot lesser?

1. Brushing Teeth With Your Face Down

Most of us like to brush our teeth facing the mirror. But what we hardly realize, is that this sends many tiny toothpaste bubbles onto the mirror, the sink, and the countertop. This is why it’s a good idea to look down and keep your head close to the sink as you brush your teeth. This will save you time cleaning these stains later, from the mirror and other surfaces.

2. Wiping The Sink Every Morning And Night

It’s a great idea to keep a pack of wet wipes handy in the bathroom so that you can give the sink a quick wipe at least twice a day. It may take some getting used to, but once you see how clean it leaves your sink (no more hair and toothpaste spots!), you’ll never want to break the habit.

3. Wiping Shower Walls After A Shower

Say goodbye to scrubbing your shower walls for hours on end. Just take an extra minute to wipe the wet walls after your shower every day, and voila! No more soap scum or grime on the walls to scrub off!

4. Tossing Bathmats In The Washing Machine Every Two Weeks

Bath mats can get dirty pretty quickly, and look quite unsightly, right outside your bathroom door. Just throw them in the washing machine once every two weeks and find them looking good as new, all the time!

5. Flushing Every Time You Use The Toilet

Flushing your toilet every time you use it, prevents any kind of smelly build-up or stains in your toilet. Flush after every use and you’ll find it sparkling clean for use every day, and you’ll need to spend less time cleaning it.

6. Using Liquid Soap Instead Of Bar Soap

Well, this one’s just simple logic. Replacing your bar of soap with liquid soap doesn’t just ensure that your soap is untouched and germ-free, it also leaves the countertop and the sink clean. Goodbye dirty soap dish!

7. Wiping The Counters And Sink After Applying Makeup

Splotches of foundation, eyeliner or mascara, can be a pain to clean, once they dry and form a stain on the sink. Instead of waiting to scrub your sink clean once a week, how about using a wet wipe to wipe the sink and countertops every time you finish applying your makeup?

8. Not Throwing Clothes On The Floor

It’s easy to throw your clothes on the bathroom floor when you’re racing against time to get ready and leave. But how about taking those 30 extra seconds and dropping them in the clothes hamper? It’s way easier than picking them off the floor later in the evening when you are dead tired and have other chores waiting for you!

9. Making Sure The Floor Stays Dry

Want to know the secret to clean hotel bathrooms? A dry floor! Yes, after your shower, don’t go out dripping water all over, but wipe yourself (including your legs and feet!) in the tub or the shower area, before you step out. The result? A clean bathroom and no risks of slipping or falling!