HomeWise: 4 Cleaning Mistakes We All Make

Last updated on December 7th, 2021

Cleaning is one of those necessary evils that every adult must accept and give in to. While it doesn’t inspire joy, it’s something that cannot be done without. Having said that, there are ways to make this not-so-enjoyable task less of a hassle. Let’s talk about the top 4 mistakes that most of us make, that make this task seem more difficult than it needs to be.

We hope you find some take-away in these important changes to your cleaning routine that we are about to suggest. Read on!

1. Not Cleaning The Cleaning Tools

What’s the point in wiping something when the mop-head or sponge you use only moves the dirt and bacteria around? Or washing clothes in a washing machine that’s so dirty it only redeposits body soil and leaves laundry far from clean? Or a vacuum cleaner that only puffs out accumulated dust every time you switch it on?
Dirty cleaning tools like cleaning rags, mop heads, vacuum cleaner filters, and even washing machines are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria like Salmonella or E. Coli. They need to be cleaned well after every use. How often are you cleaning yours?

2. Postponing Your Everyday Chores

Don’t pile up all your everyday chores for the weekend when just a few minutes of tidying and decluttering will make your weekend tasks seem less awful. Clear away clutter from each room, keep kitchen counters cleared and sanitized, and put away dirty laundry in the hamper. And if you find time, wipe clean the sinks and shower doors with a disinfectant wipe after you use them.

3. Cleaning In The Wrong Order

There’s a method to the madness of cleaning up, and in the whole not-so-enjoyable activity, every step counts. You need to make sure you use logic so that in your cleaning you don’t end up dirtying a spot that you have already spent time and energy cleaning. Begin by putting everything where it belongs. Don’t begin your cleaning just yet. Once you’re done with this step, always begin cleaning from the top – working your way down. You don’t want to clean the floor first only to have dirt from the ceiling fan or shelves settling back onto it.

4. Not Involving Kids In Cleaning-up

While you can’t expect kids to do elaborate cleaning tasks on their own, let them get their hands dirty in smaller age-appropriate chores. Get them to do things like folding clothes, putting their toys away, or putting dirty clothes in the hamper, when they’re younger and increase the level of difficulty with their age. Slowly let them graduate to handling every household cleaning job. You will need to turn a deaf ear to the complaints and the cribbing. Just trust that you’re doing them a favor they’ll thank you for, someday.

Well, happy cleaning!