8 Amazing Things You Can Do with Just An Ice Cube

Last updated on May 4th, 2021

What do you use ice cubes for? To keep your drinks chilled? Well, if that’s all you’re using them for, you are missing out big time on their immense potential. Read on to learn 8 brilliant uses that these humble staples in your house can be put to!

1. Water Your Hanging And Indoor Plants

It isn’t easy to water hanging plants around the house! Do it in a jiffy, by just throwing a few ice cubes inside the planter, over the soil. This will keep the plants hydrated as the ice cubes melt slowly without letting the soil become over saturated. You can use this trick even with other indoor plants, that have leaky pots, to prevent the excess water from spilling around the pot. Easy as pie, isn’t it?

2. Get Bubble Gum Off Clothes

Courtesy: youtube

Getting sticky gum off clothes can be a real pain in the wrong place. But a few cubes of ice can take the sting out of this messy job. Just try laying a couple of them on the errant piece of gum and leave it on until it gets ice cold. Then gently scrape it off with a spoon or a butter knife to find it peeling away easily!

3. Remove A Splinter Painlessly

Courtesy: newswise

All parents know all too well the ordeal of having to remove a splinter from the finger of a kicking and screaming child. Try numbing the area with an ice cube before using a needle to remove the splinter. It’ll make the job way less painful!

4. Mask the Taste of Medicine

Courtesy: cnn

A common parenting gripe of trying to get your young kids to take medicine, will be a thing of the past with this easy remedy. The trick is to have them suck on an ice cube before giving them the medicine. The ice numbs their taste buds and allows the medicine to go down easily, without any fuss.

5. Remove Dents in Carpeting

Courtesy: carpetcleaningfranklintn

Heavy pieces of furniture can leave unsightly dent marks on carpets and rugs. A simple and effective way to get rid of them is to just put an ice cube at the spot where the furniture leg stood and brush up the dent once the ice melts. Voila! No more dents!

6. Iron Out Wrinkles From Clothes

Courtesy: herrogateironing.co.uk

This one’s for those times when you’re getting late for work and the last clean shirt you find in your cupboard is all wrinkled. Don’t get hassled. Just wrap an ice cube in a thin piece of cloth and rub it over the wrinkles right before you iron your shirt, and the shirt will look good as new by the time you’re done ironing.

7. Reheat Rice With Ease

Courtesy: independent.co.uk

Have you ever microwaved rice only to find it drying out when it heats up? Well, not anymore! Just keep an ice cube on top of the rice when you microwave it. The ice cube will melt as the rice heats up, making sure the grains retain all the moisture they need.

8. Cool Your Pets’ Water

Courtesy: mychollo

Just drop a few ice cubes in their water bowls and your fur babies (can you imagine how hot all that fur must be making them?) will appreciate your thoughtfulness in the hot summer months when they stop at their water bowl for a quick drink after an intense and exhausting barking/chasing session.