12 Amazing Storage Hacks You Can Pull-Off In Your Own Bathroom

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022

Appropriate storage is essential in any room, and the bathroom is no exception. In fact, an area that sees so much traffic throughout the day and needs to be kept clean all the time, deserves plenty of storage space. Wouldn’t you agree?

If you think you’ve used up all possible storage space in your bathroom, we might prove you wrong! From sneaking in drawers next to your sink or using up that space next to the toilet bowl, we present to you 12 creative ways to get the most of the available space in your bathroom.

1.  Look how cleverly you can squeeze-in a drawer near the sink area! Bet you never thought of this until now!

Courtesy: louisvuittonvipshop.us

2.  Adding a wall cabinet will sort out your storage worries, add a nice focal point in the bathroom and not clog-up any space on the bathroom floor.

Courtesy: HGTV

3. Install a rod beneath the sink and hang hand and face towels off it, without taking up any additional space in the bathroom.

Courtesy: architecturendesign.net

4. Turn an old storage unit in your bathroom into a new one by giving it a coat of fresh paint.

Courtesy: ofpof.com

5.  If you happen to have a large bathroom, then build a closet in it. A great idea, isn’t it?

Courtesy: legrattonaute.com

6. Don’t waste any vertical space and see what the additional storage space does to your bathroom!

Courtesy: diynhome

7.  Use movable standing units to store bathroom essentials. Move them out of sight when they aren’t needed!

Courtesy: russwittmann

8. Turn baskets into hanging shelves by nailing them this way onto bathroom walls, and flaunt your color-coordinated essentials to give your bathroom a spa-like feel!

Courtesy: abeautifulmess

9. Use the space under the sink to store spare towels for guests.

Courtesy: experience.pk

10.  Add hooks under existing shelves (all-the-more-good if they’re next to the sink) and hang hand-towels off them.

Courtesy: Pinterest

11. Use mirrors that come with built-in storage to free up space on the bathroom counter. They might be more expensive than regular mirrors but extremely useful if you like a clean and clutter-free bathroom!

Courtesy: iconhomedesign

12. A slim storage-cum-organizing unit can squeeze into that tiny wasted space between your bath-tub and the toilet bowl and store many of your bath-time essentials! In case you’re wondering where to find it – it is available online (and isn’t very expensive!)

Courtesy: scottsofstow.co.uk

Let’s make bathrooms splendid spaces, one smart storage idea at a time, shall we?