How To Wash Your Pillows The Right Way

Last updated on October 18th, 2021

There’s nothing like burying your face in a fresh, soft, comfy pillow at night and forget all about the rough day you’ve had. But has it occurred to you, that just like the sheets on your bed (that you wash every week), your pillows might need regular cleaning too?

With daily use, not only do they begin to turn yellow, your skin cells, body oils, and dust mites keep building up on them and can lead to allergies and even asthma. Fortunately, washing your pillows isn’t all that hard, and you need to do it only once every 6 months. Here’s a handy guide to doing it – the right way!

Microfiber, Down And Feather Pillows


If your use microfiber, down, or feather pillows, you can easily clean them in your washing machine. Here’s what you will need to keep in mind when you do:

–Wash them two at a time to keep the machine balanced. In a regular top or front-loading machine, you can just toss them in directly. But if your washing machine has an agitator, then remember to place the pillows vertically to prevent damage from the agitator.

–Set the temperature to the highest setting and choose the largest load size, before adding enough detergent for the load.

–Add half a cup of washing soda to your detergent to remove stubborn stains and help whiten the pillows. You can even add a few drops of lavender essential oil that will lend a nice soothing aroma to your pillows.

–Once the cycle is complete, lay them flat to let them air dry or put them in a dryer if you have one.

–If you are going to dry them in a dryer, add some dry towels to speed up drying and toss a couple of tennis balls to keep your pillows fluffy.

Foam Pillows


If your pillow is made of foam or memory foam, however, you can’t wash it in the washing machine or put it in the dryer. If it comes with a removable cover, you can wash it as per the instructions on the label. You can vacuum both sides of the pillow and spot clean the visibly dirty areas with a cloth dipped in mild soap solution and rinse it with a damp cloth before letting it dry in the sun.
But if you want to give it a wash, allow it to soak in a tub of lukewarm water and detergent before gently squeezing the pillow to drain the soapy water. You will need to be gentle as wet foam can tear easily. Finally, rinse the pillow with clear water several times, squeeze the water out and let it air dry.

When To Replace Your Pillows

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No matter how regularly you wash your pillows, they’ll eventually come to a stage when you’ll have no choice but to replace them. Want to know the trick to figuring out when it’s time to buy new pillows? Try folding the pillow in half, if it springs back into shape, all’s well, and if it doesn’t, it may be time to get another one! And don’t just toss your old one! Use it as stuffing for throw pillows or your dog’s bed.