10 Unique Black Wall Ideas For Those Of Us Who Love Black

If you are someone who makes a beeline for black colored clothing in stores and boasts of a wardrobe with more blacks than any other color, you are decidedly a lover of the color black.

Why not look at how to incorporate your favorite color into your home décor? Using black doesn’t just invigorate a room, but also makes a bold statement.

Here are 10 classy ways to dabble with black paint and make your home look and feel like it is right on the cover of an interior design magazine!

1. This fashionably done living room finished predominantly in monochrome, looks perfect with its rustic wooden flooring and furniture. The black wall accentuates the beauty of this chic living space.


2. The color black rules this sophisticated living room making it look plush, stylish and bold, all at the same time.


3. This striking bathroom done up in monochrome doesn’t need anything to be said about its slick style and finesse.


4. This bedroom finished in black and white strikes just the right balance of class and elegance. And the matching bedcover and the chair complement the overall theme.


5. The black chalkboard walls in this chic bathroom, give it an oh-so-rustic appeal, and what’s more, the space can be used to leave messages. You can even use it to write quotes to give it a touch of your personality.


6. This bedroom elegantly done in black and white looks like a page off an interiors magazine. The curtains and the furniture also blend in perfectly with the monochromatic theme.


7. The black textured wall in this living room matches well with the furniture that is mostly chosen in black and neutral tones. It gives the eyes a good contrast from the beige surroundings, giving this living space a ten-on-ten for class.

8. The black wall in this living room which is predominantly white, fits in perfectly in its surrounds and adds just the right amount of contrast to the theme, giving this living room a very well-thought-out character.

9. This masculine kitchen, with its black wall, isn’t just easy to maintain, it blends in perfectly with the interiors done in monochrome. Also, the black wall with all the pots and pans against it accents the space and gives the kitchen a rustic appeal.

10. The black wall in this white toned interior space stands out boldly from the setting and makes for a perfect conversation starter. The matching furniture only adds to the mood of the space.