9 Decor Items You Absolutely Do Not Need!

Last updated on February 15th, 2023

Home decor doesn’t come cheap. There is a lot involved – painting the walls, sourcing the right furniture fitting the space’s aesthetic, and using appropriate home decor items. Getting the right balance isn’t always easy. And when you get the concepts wrong, it’s a disaster in the making. 

You are left with two choices: grin and bear it, or start all over again. Redecorating may not be an option as material costs can be limiting. So, how do you get it right the first time? To make things simple for you, we have made a list of the things you should avoid when planning your home decor. Ready? Let’s begin!

1. Posters are a strict no-no

A simple way to spoil the charm of your home decor is by sticking tacky posters on your wall. Hey, if your teen wants to have some fun with Avenger posters, let them do their thing. But when it comes to the other areas of your home, avoid pasting these eyesores on your walls. 

What you can do instead:

Try a picture gallery for your back wall.

Go for artwork such as watercolors or abstracts.

Pressed flowers are great home decor items too.

2. Small rugs for big areas are a mismatch

Proportions play a vital role in home decor. A large sofa set with a tiny rug will give your room a comical effect. Get a size that fits your needs, even if it is temporary furniture.

What you can do instead:

You can put small area rugs next to your console.

Dhurries are not expensive and can give your room the desired impact. 

3. Artificial plants and flowers can be off-putting

Nothing is more distressing than a bunch of artificial flower pots in a stylish room. These little disasters can kill the look of the most elegant room in minutes. 

What to do instead:

Stylish earthenware, sculpture, or glassware do a much better job than faux plants.

There are umpteen indoor plants that need very little care and still give a gorgeous vibe to your home decor.

4. Tacky wall hangings are a bane

Wall hangings are not the ideal choice for your walls. Over time, these trendy creations become limp and unsightly. These dust collectors are difficult to maintain too and rarely add to the decor. 

What to do instead:

Frame your collection of stamps or coins to dress up your wall. 

Paintings are great for adding dimension to your space.

5. Bulky sofas: comfy but clumsy!

Yes, the heavy, bulky sofa in the showroom looks great. However, are you sure your room is the right size for this huge couch? These ungainly creations have little appeal and do nothing for your decor. 

What to do instead:

Measure the size of your room before you make a purchase.

Go for compact low-slung sofas, which are much more alluring.

Get a contrasting pair of chairs to heighten the drama.

6. Go easy on your throw cushions

Granted, throw cushions add a stylish element to your bed. They can elevate the look of your decor and allow you to introduce interesting pops of color to your decor. However, less is more.

What to do instead:

Layer your pillows with three cushions.

Go for throw cushions in contrasting colors and textures.

7. Don’t go overboard with gaudy wallpaper

Gaudy wallpaper may look great in the sample book. But your wall isn’t a 12” by 10” piece of paper, is it? Trust us, the gaudy print can leave you gasping for breath.  

What to do instead:

Choose subtle prints and stripes.

Stark and bold prints need a bit of thought. Exercise caution!

8. Avoid overdressing your windows

Heavy curtains with tasseled ties and scallops are dated. Unless you have a decor that necessities these creations, they are best avoided. 

What to do instead:

Avoid fussy curtain valances.

Opt for light curtains in neutral shades.

9. Leather couches are outdated

You love your animals. But that is not the only reason you want to avoid leather couches. It’s time to say goodbye to these dated creations. 

What to do instead:

Opt for fabric upholstered sofas instead.

Final thoughts

Getting it right is not always easy. The best thing to do, under the circumstances, is to let the professionals guide you. Homebliss.in is a great place to start your adventure – with their years of experience perfecting home decor, you are in safe hands.