3 Unique Color Combinations For Indian Homes!

Last updated on September 16th, 2021

As somebody with an artistic sense, you know how the interiors of your home can create an impression of your personality. And, utilizing the right shade in the right proportion is the initial step towards a holistic decor. However, when it comes to decorating our home with paint, most of us play it safe by choosing some of the widely-used color combinations. Black and white, blue and white, gray and pink… and the list goes on! Of course, these combinations are timeless and have definitely set the bar high. But, how about trying some unconventional colors in your home? Sounds risky?

It is true that colors have the biggest effect on how you feel in a particular space. And, using an unconventional color scheme at home will not only make your home appear refreshing but also impact the emotions that a room stirs up in you. For those times when you are ready to take the plunge and try something different, consider one of these 3 snazzy color combinations:

1. Orange and Dusty Blue

Unique Color Combinations for home

There’s something magical about playing with vibrant orange and dusty blue, that turns any room into a charmer! The combination of orange and blue proves that opposites attract each other, all the way bringing excitement and energy in the room. However, always remember that both orange and blue are vibrant colors that seek attention. Hence using them in a ‘light and dark’ combination is ideal.

2. Baby Blue and Olive

These two tones may reside on the similar side of the shading wheel, yet when combined together, they bring down something totally unique to the table. The cheerful baby blue blends well with the profound olive green, uncovering spaces that appear fresh and vivacious.

3. Teal and Citron

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Teal and citron is a fun color combination to brighten up any dull corner of the house. When utilized, this bright and fresh color combination bestows an undeniable charm to any room. With two powerful shades in a single space, you might think that it is going to overpower your room. However, despite what might be expected, these tones blend well and attract equal attention when combined together.