Everything You Need To Know About Wabi Sabi Designs

Last updated on June 28th, 2022

There is perfection in imperfection. The beauty of imperfection is all around us, be it the roughness of rocks, the twisted twigs, or the gnarled branches. What would our planet be like without these simply magnificent imperfections?  

So, what is Wabi-Sabi? Wabi-Sabi is about Incorporating the spirit of imperfection and simplicity into your home decor. Wabi-Sabi is more a philosophy than a design trend. To imbibe the true spirit of this design into your home, you need to understand and get a feeling of what lies behind these ideas. 

So, how to include Wabi-Sabi in your home interior? Let’s find out. 

Wabi-Sabi design principles at a glance

So, what is the history of Wabi-Sabi? Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese philosophy that has been around since the 15th century, is a lot more than a transitional design trend. This philosophy was a reaction of sorts to the use of lavish adornments and styles used in home decor. Wabi-Sabi finds roots in Zen Buddhism and is based on the solitude and spirituality of Buddhist monks. 

So, how do you get a Wabi-Sabi vibe in your home decor?

Nothing artificial or extreme

Wabi-Sabi philosophy is about authenticity and natural materials. So avoid artificial plants, faux leather, or plastic in your decor. As excess is frowned upon, it’s best not to go over the top with your home decor. 

Things you can do

Go for natural plants and materials such as wood, jute, cane, or stone.

Avoid materials such as faux leather furniture, plywood, laminate, or vinyl in your decor.

Go for subtle design elements without overcrowding your space. 

Asymmetry has an innate charm

Symmetry works for sleek, elegant interior designs, where every item used in the space matches the other. This includes lamps, wall sconces, side tables, and even the placement of the furniture. 

Asymmetry allows you to exercise your whimsy. You can add a surprise element to your decor without worrying about whether it matches what’s on the other end. 

Alignment in your bookshelf will kill the joy of Wabi-Sabi. Display your vintage literary classes and poetry collection. Yes, they will be worse for the wear, but that is what Wabi-Sabi is all about. 

Embrace the imperfections

Let your space breathe with a few choice furniture pieces. Impulsively picking up pieces from the furniture store will ruin the charm of your decor. 

Your books do not have to be aligned just so, and your fruit bowl is all the more charming as it has chipped edges. In short, embrace life with all its imperfections. Therein lies its beauty.

Making your bed the Wabi-Sabi way

Your bed doesn’t have to be something that can make the cover of the Architectural Digest magazine, with its pile of elegant cushions and breathtaking bedlinen. And you don’t need to work up a sweat trying to get this creaseless, elegant look every morning.

Instead, embrace the imperfections of your bedding. If your bedlinen has been around for a while and has a few creases and an unkempt look, relish the feel and the look of it. 

The beauty of sounds, textures, and smells

Awaken your senses with Wabi-Sabi. Look for beauty in mundane objects, making your day memorable. To awaken your inner self, burn incense or essential oil candles to invigorate your spirit.

Use wool, sheepskin, or textiles with texture to heighten your sense of touch and enhance the Wabi-Sabi theme in your decor. 

Feel the freedom of incongruity. Your home is a place where you are allowed to spill, relax, or throw your cushions around. 

Opt for items that will stand the test of time

Trends are fleeting. Following the herd to get your decor right every time the trend changes is not possible. Let your furniture pick add depth to your decor. So, how do you know what to pick?

Materials like leather tarnish with age and give a beautiful patina to the couch. Other items that improve with age are wooden furniture, hand-carved artifacts, antiques, and pottery.

Final words

Wabi-Sabi, in essence, is about enjoying the imperfections of life. Nothing is permanent, and when you embrace this design concept in your life, your spiritual journey will begin. 

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