6 Ways To Rock Blue Accents In Your Décor

Last updated on June 9th, 2022

The colors around us do way more than just make our space look beautiful and have been scientifically proven to impact our moods and feelings as well.
And of all colors, Blue, apart from lending a space a modern and rich vibe, is believed to be the most soothing. In fact, just looking at this deep shade of blue calms our nerves and even brings our heart rate down!

Now imagine coming back home and feeling happy and relaxed just because of the blue décor elements you’ve chosen for it! Here are 6 ways to make your home a happier place with this magical color! Just relax, and read on.

1. Stylish Deep Blue Couch

Nothing like sinking into the couch after a long day’s work. Right? Now imagine sinking into one which is covered in a deeply calming blue. What’s more, you’ll also find yourself worrying less about spills and stains on your dark-hued mood enhancer! Oh, and we almost forgot. Your blue couch will also leave your guests green with envy!

2. Classy Blue Walls

Blue can lend a certain depth to a setting, something that not many other colors can boast. An accent wall done in a deep blue shade can provide a rich background to your wooden furniture. Team it with a statement painting in white or grey or a mirror and watch your décor come alive.
Just make sure the room you use, gets plenty of natural light, as this color does absorb light. Also balance this rather heavy hue with lighter shades all around it, for the right look.

3. Statement Upholstery in Blue

Blue makes a space look rich and elegant, effortlessly. Watch as your blue upholstery, whether it’s in the dining room chairs or the living room couch lends a certain plush richness to the entire room. Try navy-blue velvet and keep smelling salts handy for your swooning guests!

4. A Gorgeous Blue Back-splash

Indian curries with all their spices and flavors, while delectable, can be pretty tough on countertops and back-splashes, with their stains quite difficult to get rid of. This is why a dark shade of blue can work so well in Indian back-splashes. Try it and make a statement in your easy-to-maintain kitchen! Just ensure the rest of the kitchen is kept light with soft colors like white or beige.

5. Stunning Cabinets In Blue

Want something quirky and fun and off-the-beaten-track in your bedroom decor? Go blue with your wardrobes or cabinets. Not a very common choice of color for furniture, it’ll add undeniable luxury to your space, not to mention keep you relaxed with its calming vibes! And did we mention it’s low-maintenance?

6. Soft Furnishings Bathed In Blue

While you can’t change your furniture or woodwork easily, you can definitely splash on some blue in your décor with drapes, cushion covers, rugs, and bedding in varying shades of blue. Switch your soft furnishings to blue and experience the vibe in the entire space transforming. Just make sure you maintain continuity in the design with other blue elements dotting the setting.

Happy decorating, everyone!