Does Your Living Room Have These 3 Important Things?

Last updated on April 1st, 2022

The trick to doing up your living room right is to keep your focus on perfecting a few areas of the living room so that everything looks well put together and conveys an essence of ‘you’.

Here are 3 important things to keep in mind!

1. An Arresting Accent Area

Go out your door and walk back into your living area. Make a note of the space that first falls in your line of vision. This is the area of your living room that you need to accentuate and highlight. Use this space to showcase the theme of your décor, whether it’s a bold application of color that you give to a large wall, or decide to give it an exposed stone or brick look. The idea is to celebrate the space as a focal point of your living area.

2. The Right ‘Window-Dressing’

Spend time and careful thought into planning your curtains or blinds. Reserve the darker, heavier drapes for the winter months and keep your summer drapes sheer, light, and made of natural fibers. And don’t forget the ends of your curtain rods. There’s a wide variety of them available out there.
You can experiment with roman, chic, and automatic blinds as well. (No, they aren’t just meant for offices.) And last but not the least, keep plants next to your windows. Not only will it complete the look, but your plants will also thank you for all the light!

3. The Right Rugs

Here are a few tips on getting your rug, just right. For starters, your rug needs to be large enough for all furniture legs to fit well inside it. And, it is a good idea to reserve large patterns and prints for large spaces and use small prints and subtle colors for smaller spaces. Also, remember, shaggy rugs aren’t meant for odd corners.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Happy decorating, folks!