7 Reasons To Ditch Your Boring White Ceiling

Last updated on July 21st, 2022

Painting your ceilings white is a safe choice, without a doubt, as it doesn’t conflict with anything that you decide to put in the room, while also keeping the room looking bigger than it is. But let’s face it. It does get boring after a while, wouldn’t you agree?

How about we give you enough reasons to step out of your comfort zone and embrace this new design trend in home décor that’s catching on real fast?
Let’s explore 7 reasons to bid goodbye to white ceilings, give them some color and prepare to get awed by the effect they create!

1. It Transforms The Mood Of The Space

Painting the ceiling in anything other than the expected white shade doesn’t just elevate the design of a space making it strongly impactful, but also alters the mood of the space completely.

2. Creates Unexpected Interest

Painting a ceiling in a bright color like turquoise, yellow or orange can give a lot of energy and interest to a space and adds that fun element, that one doesn’t expect, and is quite surprised to see. Bright ceilings make fun happy places and are great for bathrooms, kids’ rooms, and kitchens, where the other elements in the room, barring a few accents would need to be kept monochromatic and neutral.

3. Just Think Of The Ceiling As the 5th Wall

Ceilings always seem to get the wicked step-motherly treatment when it comes to painting a room. It’s time we remembered that it is, after all, the 5th wall in the room and needs to be given its due. And as a design enthusiast, it’s absolutely unthinkable to overlook this blank canvas while trying to create an impactful design. So, be it accent paint, wallpaper or an elaborate light fixture, go ahead and experiment with this extra wall and see the place getting transformed right in front of your eyes.

4. It Conceals Imperfections

If your ceiling has imperfections, painting it in a darker color with a matte or flat finish will efficiently hide all the flaws, giving it a different dimension.

5. It Makes A Big Statement

Painting a ceiling in a color other than white can give this otherwise forgotten surface, a new life and make a bold design statement in your décor giving it a unique appeal, without costing you a fortune.

6. It Highlights Architectural Details

False ceiling details like crown molding, a tray ceiling, or a skylight (if you are super lucky), can truly stand out and look all the more appealing if you choose to paint your ceiling in a contrasting shade. It’s a good idea to choose darker hues in such cases as the usually white architectural details will break the dark color creating a fantastic design feature.

7. It Creates An Intimate Feeling

Painting a ceiling in a darker hue like black, navy, or gray can leave a dramatic and intimate look that’ll leave you in awe. And these colors are best explored on ceilings that are high or in rooms where there is an abundance of natural light.
To add to the drama, make sure the light fixtures you choose are glittery and in a contrasting color. It’s a good idea to keep the walls pale and the furnishings light or neutral to make sure the space doesn’t appear too crowded with colors.

Hope you enjoyed reading these decor tips as much as we did, curating them for you.

Happy decorating, everyone!