9 Shelf-Styling Tips That’ll Totally Elevate Your Interiors!

Last updated on February 3rd, 2022

Shelves are your display board to welcome your visitors with. Apart from keeping books, they can be used to store so much and put forth your creativity. Moreover, shelves add tons of depth and character to your space by giving you a chance to showcase what you love.

Let’s look into these 9 ways that will help you spruce up your interiors using the shelf space you have.

1. The less, the better

Yes, shelves are for storing your stuff. But, no, that doesn’t mean you have to use every inch of them. Giving some breathing space while keeping your things on the shelf creates balance.

2. Experiment with colors

Not everything has to be matching in a living space. Contrasting color palettes are eye-catching and give you more flexibility while organizing things in a room.

You can jazz up a plain white wall by simply adding a coat of black paint on the shelves and placing a wooden clock, a tiny succulent, and metallic décor items to break the monotony of black & white.

3. Bouquet of books

The obvious choice to keep on the shelves, books can make or break your interiors’ overall look and feel. The asymmetrical placement of the books adds variety to your interiors. Keep a stack vertically; keep another horizontally. Add a few rustic jacketed books; let there be some irregularities in the shape and size of the books.

4. Bring in Poetry with pottery

While shopping for pottery, look for varied shapes, sizes, and finishes. A set of similar-looking pottery may seem like a safe bet, but in the longer run, you’ll get bored of it. Unusual pottery makes a statement and stands out in your interiors.

5. Add textures and layers

Try placing objects of different nature on your shelves and put them in a layered manner. For example, the bigger or taller ones can go at the back while the tiny ones can occupy the front row. This will create a sense of depth and add character to your space.

6. Optimum utilization of space

If a colossal shelf that’s lying as an unused piece of furniture in your home, now is the time to breathe life into it. Use the middle shelves to keep things that are used regularly. The topmost levels can be used for decor items and the ones at the bottom for less-used articles.

7. Go minimal for maximum space

The style of shelves you choose matters a lot. Bulky, thick shelves occupy a lot of space, but opting for minimal shelves provides you with a lot of space. Besides, they look classy, and one can strike a balance by strategically placing objects in each section.

8. Keep changing the placement

The shelves are fixed, but the objects placed in them are not. So why not take advantage of this fact and keep shuffling their places? Then, once in a while, try to rearrange all the articles to make your interiors look interesting. Another advantage of doing so is that you will keep the shelves clean. We tend to dust off the surfaces while placing something new. So, it is a great practice to break the monotony and keep them spic and span.

9. Pamper them regularly

Nobody likes to see something broken in their homes as that kills the entire aura of their interiors. Keeping the shelves maintained by repairing broken edges & corners or applying a fresh coat of paint every few years, can keep the shelves looking brand new and increase their longevity.

Styling the shelves like a pro isn’t an easy job. But if the planning is on point, nothing can stop you from achieving a picture-perfect home where you can take tons of ‘Shelf-ies!’

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Happy decorating!