Are Your Interiors Affecting Your Mood? Let’s Find Out!

Last updated on June 7th, 2022

Colours are an intrinsic part of our world. While we are not aware of the impact of colours on our lives on a conscious level, they affect our energy levels and mood depending on our choice of colours. It helps to pick the right shades for your home that reflect your personality.

To better understand interior design’s effect on mental health, you need to know what each shade stands for, especially if redecorating your home.

Confused? Well, you need not be. Let us walk through some colors and what they stand for concerning home decor. First, let us find out more about color psychology.

What is color psychology in home decor?

Colour can influence how you feel. It not only affects mood but also affects the thought process. Age, gender, or climatic conditions play a vital role in how color affects you, making the choice of color in your home essential for mental equilibrium. So, what do various colors personify? Let us find out.

The soothing vibes of blue

Blue is calming and induces tranquillity. This hue is said to reduce heart rate and bring down blood pressure. It gives you confidence, besides encouraging traits such as loyalty and success.

This color is ideal for bedrooms where a relaxing atmosphere is of the essence. You can pair this color with white, beige, grey, and green.

The vibrancy of yellow

Yellow is much like the life-giving force of the sun. It is energizing and evokes positivity. This vibrant color is perfect for the kitchen, or the dining area, as it is a welcoming color.

Golden shades of yellow are ideal for brightening dull areas of your home. If all else fails, you can add yellow accents to your throw cushions or include yellow-painted furniture to give your decor an edge.

The invigorating shades of green

The color green is born when blue blends with yellow. This lovely shade brings out the best in your decor, inducing growth, and balance into your psyche. This color is restorative and promotes bonding and togetherness. There are many shades of green to play with, and all of them are perfect for any area in the home.

Purple. It is rich and royal

It’s about fantasy and mysticism, and nobility, and brings out positive emotions. The color purple oozes luxury and is perfect for a decadent interior. It’s great for your bedroom but works in your living room or foyer too.

Siren red for passion

This passionate color evokes excitement and ambition. It can be energizing and is a perfect shade for your home and workspace as it brings out creativity.

Have you ever wondered why restaurant decor often favors this shade? It increases appetite! So, maybe not for your dining room?

As red is energizing, best avoid it in bedrooms or bathrooms where a tranquil atmosphere is needed. This shade packs a punch!

Orange, the fun color

This energizing color is enthusiasm personified. It is not only punchy but vibrant too. This shade is a great choice to boost creativity and energy.

Research indicates that the orange color increases oxygen supply to the brain, increasing feelings of happiness and joy. Reason enough to pick this color! If the sharpness of orange seems over the top, go for peachy tones of the shade. These shades work well with shades of brown or beige.

The feminine softness of pink

Pink is all about love, nurturing, and tenderness. This shade is no more a barbie decor relegated to a girl’s room. It has gone mainstream and can be used in any home area. So as not to make your decor overwhelmingly feminine, use this shade sparingly. Fuschia and magenta are good choices.


Colors matter and their uses in your home can significantly impact your mental wellbeing. Getting it right is not difficult. If you find yourself overwhelmed, professionals can help. In the meantime do head to for more ideas on home decor!

Have fun decorating your dream abode peeps!