Define Luxury With The Color Purple

Last updated on June 25th, 2022

Sometimes the hint of a single color can set the tone of an entire space. Purple is one such color. And it wasn’t the trend in the 80s for no reason.

Let’s look at a few design ideas in purple that’ll have you dropping your jaw in awe and change the way you look at this color.

The not-so-subtle hints of purple in this otherwise neutral living space, give it a touch of class and beauty. When using a deep color like purple in your décor, you need to keep things a bit understated making sure you’re not going overboard with the color purple as it’s the small hints of color that create the magic.

There are just three places where the color purple is used in this living room setting – the solid cushions, the walls and a wing chair. All the other colors in this living room are subtle and understated. It’s this contrast that makes the use of the color purple stand out so beautifully.

The designer here has decided to go all out with purple. But the varying shades of the color purple in different textures and elements gives this dining space a certain opulence. Wouldn’t you agree?

The chairs done up in a pretty shade of purple breathe life into this dining room setting in browns and golds, making this space classy in an understated way. The bright purple here is beautifully complemented with the dark colors all around it.

The mesmerizing combination of a subtle shade of purple on the wall, with browns all around the room, and just a tiny hint of gold here and there has transformed this dining space into a work of art. Need we say more?

The only purple element in this otherwise neutral room is the purple velvet that adorns the chairs, making this dining space look like it’s right out of the pages of a fairy-tale.

This kitchen is done up in purple, white and a wooden finish looks too perfect for words. The trick to using purple anywhere (at least most of the time), is to keep the contrast alive by using some neutral shade along with it.

An understated and spectacular purple kitchen with white and steel bringing the required balance in the colors.

Just the one wall in this bathroom painted in a deep purple shade creates the magic here. The other elements in white and black complement this feature wall without trying to compete for attention.

Another masterpiece of a bathroom with a mesmerizing combination of white with deep purple. Leaves one speechless. Doesn’t it?