Black & Gold: The Opulent Mix You Just Have To Try

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

Using Black with Gold is a really clever way to harness the power of contrast. The sunny glow of gold can soften the mysterious darkness of black and can lift any room out of the ordinary. And few combinations can work as well as this duo, in being able to marry elegance and glamor so seamlessly. With the added benefit of creating effortless luxury!

If you have had your doubts about this explosive combination, we promise you, that by the end of this quick read, it will be speaking to your heart!

Black used abundantly in a space creates a feeling of indulgence and affluence. And Gold, with its dramatic presence, lends the space a stunning statement in style that neither of the two colors can manage without the other.

A brush of luxurious gold in this midnight-black setting introduces just the desired amount of glamor into all the mystery. Wouldn’t you agree?

Sometimes too much black can make a home appear dark. That is where its glitzy opposite comes into the picture. The trick is to lean sufficiently on gold to pull off a combined look you can’t tear your eyes from. Like this one right here!

So, if you do love black and don’t have the usual fear of creating too dark a space, go all out and use it as much as you want. Just don’t forget to break the darkness with small tinges of gold (read glamor!)

Black in the right doses anchors a space. Use this elegant and grown-up hue as the base, then build it up with gold for absolutely gorgeous results!

Your classy black living space just needs a brush-stroke of some golden bling to create a show-stopper of a setting.

So, are you ready to give in to your dark side yet?