Choose The Right Feng Shui Colors For Your Home


Color is a big part of Feng Shui and is considered to be one of its most powerful tools.

Painting your home in a new shade of paint doesn’t just change the way it looks, but also has an impact on the energy it brings with it to the space. Each color has a different energy that it lends to the space that it is used in. If you’ve been thinking of areas of your life to make changes to, then you may want to think about the color scheme that is used in your home and work-space. It is very easy to improve the energy flow in your home by using the right Feng Shui colors. The key is to balance it by customizing it to your lifestyle and space.

Here are a few things to understand and keep in mind, before you choose to change the colors in your home and make it Feng Shui friendly.

Red :

According to Feng Shui, red is the strongest of all the colors and represents the fire element, which supports energy. This color stands for love, passion, and courage. This color needs to be used with caution as it is an energizing color and can be draining if overused. It is also known to cause blood pressure.


It isn’t a great idea to use red on the front door, kitchen and the dining room, as it is an energizer and stimulates appetite.

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Pink :

As per Feng Shui, pink represents love which is more sweet and gentle unlike red’s fiery and passionate kind of love. The color pink has a soothing effect on the space that it is used in. Pink can be used in any space in a home and infuses a space with gentle and soft energy. It works best for the living room and the entryway.

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Orange :
Orange works best for the living and dining rooms and represents the energies of socialization, openness, and optimism. This color helps promote social interactions and conversations.

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Salmon :
Salmon is quite popular in Feng Shui and works well for public spaces like the living room as well as private spaces like bedrooms. Like orange, it encourages conversation and connection.

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Yellow in Feng Shui represents happiness, nourishment, and hope. Painting a space in this color infuses it with cheer, hope, clarity, and creativity. It is also known for its nurturing vibes.
This color that oozes warmth and coziness is best suited for the kitchen and the living room.


source: foxydental

Green in Feng Shui represents life, health, and growth and infuses a space with the energies of motivation and positive change. It is best to use green in its varying hues rather than sticking to a single shade. It can be used in any area of the house that needs positive vibes.