Bold & Bright: The Trend Making Tiny Rooms Look Huge

Last updated on October 31st, 2023

Why go for half-measures when you can go the whole hog? Yes, we are talking about drenching. The exciting thing about this bold color trend is that your home not only looks gorgeous but the space looks bigger too! But, doesn’t this apply to neutrals and whites?

True, but the excitement you get from letting the color on your accent wall spill over to every inch of your spaces is unsurpassed. So, what are the color picks and how do you go about it? Let’s see what the experts have to say.

All out monochromes

There’s more than one way to skin this cat and we will examine the different ways you can go about it. Opting for a full-on monochrome look is one way to go for a seamless finish. While the walls and the trim can be in the chosen shade, you can introduce shades such as white, black, wood tones or patterns to the mix, depending on your taste. playing with different tonal values of the same shade will add dimension and also cut down on boredom.

Cheat a little!

Hey, you are allowed to cheat. Drenching your space with just one color can get a bit much. And while you follow the rules, you can step out of the box by introducing a new shade or two to the mix. This means a pop of orange cushions with your blue sofa or a play of deep green or beige accents to go with your red color scheme. Play with the same shade for your carpeting and wall art. And give your doors and window frames a dose of your primary color too, for a cohesive look.

Monochromes in the kitchen

A generous dose of red, blue or green is just the thing to amp up the look of your kitchen. This includes the cabinetry, the backsplash, and the wall paint. Siren red is a hot shade and is perfect for this space. Amp it up with dark brown, green or black shelving units and hardware. If this sounds a bit much, go for a white backdrop to accentuate the green or blue color scheme of your kitchen.

Pastels are great too

Pastel shades such as blue, green or grey are ideal for this concept as you can play with dark and light shades to achieve a fabulous look. Greyish beige shades will rock your look when you add a hint of black or dark grey to the accents and the furniture. For light blue, try grey and navy blue accents to bring out the richness of this soothing shade.

Monochrome fantasy with dark hues

Surprisingly, dark shades can work too, and when handled right, you can make your space look bigger. Add light wood or white tones to the furniture for a dramatic contrast. A play of light and dark with your chosen shade works wonders. Make sure to go for light-colored flooring to bring out the beauty of your dark tones. Accents in lighter shades are what you are looking for. Different textures and finishes in your room will add dimension and also give a spacious look.

Tips and tricks for a glorious look

  • The trims, the doors, and the window frames also need painting. Either go for uniformity with a lighter or darker tone of your chosen color for drama or go for contrasts with white or beige.

  • A light-colored rug may just be the thing to bring out the richness of your dark monochromes. Pick like colors for the cushions to take it up a notch.

  • Don’t be afraid to splash some paint of the same shade on your cabinetry if you want to get it right.

Our thoughts

Rules are made to be broken. If a stark monochrome look doesn’t gel with your mood, add patterned cushions, linen, upholstery, or rugs in the same tones so that you get the best of both worlds. Pulling off a good look is easy. However, if you want an outstanding look, do contact today.