How To Decorate With Dark Hues

Last updated on November 16th, 2021

Many people have a misplaced belief that dark colors make a room appear murky and depressing. Well, that couldn’t be more wrong! The truth is, dark colors when executed properly, can lend a cozy, cocooning vibe to a room, making the space appear more inviting and comforting than any other cooler colors ever can.

So, whether you are looking for an ideal backdrop for a work of art or are in need of an entire makeover, dark colors can work like magic. Read on for tips on the best ways to rock moody hues in your space.

1. Create contrast with accessories and furnishings

Accessories are also an essential element in a decorating plan. Make the room appear brighter by creating contrast with light-colored accessories. Think of placing a white or light-colored art in a dark room or group light-colored accessories on the table. In case you have dark flooring, think of using a lighter, contrasting rug or using light-colored curtains. Even a light-colored ceiling can brighten up a dark room.

2. Brighten it up with light

Adding light to dark walls is a foolproof way to highlight a room. Think of layering up with ceiling lights, chandeliers, tables, and floor lamps to highlight the dark backdrop. Make use of spotlights to feature art, floor lights to light up plants, and pendants to highlight work areas and dressers. Rather than one expansive chandelier hanging over a dining table, try adding three small pendant fixtures in a line to include all the more light and visual intrigue. Remember, the more, the merrier.

3. Break up the paint

Sometimes, a completely dark room can appear overwhelming. In such a situation, think of breaking up the dark color. Create a gallery wall with light-colored picture frames to break the paint, allowing dark colors to peek through. Another smart way to break up the paint is to include a tall shelf in the room – not only will it help break up the vast expanse of the wall, but also provide a spot for displaying accessories and other knick-knacks.

4. Balance it out

Since dark hues can create such a striking statement, it’s imperative to ensure that whatever is left of the room is well balanced and harmonized. Check furniture finishes to ensure that they complement the paint color. Abstain from using dark furniture pieces and ensure that lighter items are well-spaced throughout the room, and not clustered on one side of the room.