What’s The Most Appealing Color For A Bedroom? Here Are Ideas!

Last updated on April 14th, 2022

Every room of your house tells a story and the colors you choose speak volumes of who you are and what you like!
While decorating your bedroom is very personal to each one of us, the one common thing between all of us is that we all want to feel calm and comfortable at the end of the day. It isn’t a wonder then, that when deciding the colors for the bedroom, we all factor in colors that stimulate relaxation.

In this piece, we will be bringing you a few captivating colors that can give your bedroom a whole new vibe, while making sure it is the most relaxing place in the house. Here are six delightful colors to influence you!

1. BLUE-tiful!

Think clear blue skies on a warm sunny day! You just smiled at the thought, didn’t you?
That’s what the color blue reminds us of; it’s a relaxing color that can set the perfect tone for your bedroom walls. What’s more, it’s also scientifically proven that this color promotes healthy sleep. Shades of blue can thus add tranquillity and calm to your bedroom – in all their forms ranging from navy, the pastel shades to colder, icier blues.

2. Minimalistic Grey

If you love neutrals and muted tones, grey is the color for you! Grey bedroom walls look modern on the one hand and can make your room look spacious on the other. And since it’s a neutral color, decorating the rest of the room becomes super-easy. Lighter shades of grey can add a sense of calm, while darker shades will give your room a contemporary and sophisticated touch. So, go pick!

3. Bold and Black

We know that you are thinking, ‘How can I paint my bedroom black?’ While black may seem like a crazy choice for your walls, it sure can make a statement. And you don’t have to paint all your walls black. Now, that would be crazy, for sure. A black accent wall, on the other hand, will make your bedroom space look chic and stylish beyond words! And to balance out the black in the room, you can pair it with white and neutral walls all around it and sprinkle bright accents through the room. But trust us, if you love to stand out, black is the color for you and your bedroom.

4. Sunshin-y Yellow

If you want a fresh and bright vibe, think yellow! Lighter shades of yellow are soothing and can add a cheerful look to your space. And even science-wise, this is the next best shade that promotes good sleep. Yellow will make your walls pop and give off the right energy, for you to start your day in great spirits. If you choose statement yellows, we would recommend limiting it to just one or two-bedroom walls. Softer and pastel yellows are great for the entire bedroom and will feel like warm sunshine all around.

5. Not-so-basic beige

Beige, creams, and even whites are classic bedroom colors. These neutral tones pair well with most furniture and flooring styles and give the room a bright and spacious look. Even though beige and cream are a slightly conservative choice, they are soft and relaxing colors that will give your bedroom a clean look. The best part about these colors; you can experiment with décor and add bright and colorful accents to make your space pop.

6. Green is the new black

The color of nature! Green is an excellent choice for your bedroom or any room for that matter. It’s a color known to encourage relaxation and attract prosperity. We are surrounded by so much green every day, why not add it to our bedroom? Light green, sage green, and even emerald green – the many shades of green can help add an exotic yet earthy touch to your bedroom. You can then go on to add décor touches of brown and gold to complement the overall look.
Hope this helps you (even if a little bit) on your quest for the most elegant and relaxing bedroom color – that’s perfect for you.

Did we miss a color you have in mind? Do let us know!

Happy decorating, everyone!