7 Decor Essentials For The Master Bedroom

Last updated on December 28th, 2021

What is a bedroom? Well, the dictionary dispassionately says that it’s a room for sleeping in. But, hey! we all know that a bedroom is so much more than a place to rest in. It is our dreamy retreat, a refuge from the hubbub of urban life – a place where we truly feel like ourselves!

And there’s a lot more to a bedroom than just a bed – you need the right accents and other decor elements to make the area truly shine. Here are the 7 decor essentials for your master bedroom.

1. Choose the right window treatment

Ask any interior expert, and they will tell you how important window treatment is, in your bedroom – it can make or break the room. While dressing a window, think of what you would prefer – would you want curtains or prefer a combination of curtains and shades. Your decision will determine the fabric or material you will need for the window treatment.

While selecting drapes think of the fabric and the color, as it will decide how well your curtains function and if they can provide your room with a personal statement.

2. Get creative with the headboard

Let’s go back to the statement piece of the bedroom -the bed. A good headboard not only helps create a focal point in the room but also provides support to your bed and your head. However, it doesn’t mean that the headboard has to be all glitzy and elaborate. You can simply opt for a simple upholstered headboard as well.

And If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, think of creative approaches, like, painting the wall behind the bed in a different color, or even hanging an oversized tapestry to dress up the wall behind it.

3. Layer your bedding

Bedrooms in magazines and the internet look so plush and comforting that we all feel like sinking into their enticing warmth. And the secret to such a comfortable bed is layering your bedding! As surprising as it may sound, layering your bed is an excellent way to give your bedroom an instant facelift. Outfit your bed with sheets, runners, comforters, and a layer of pillows to imitate the same rich and lavish look and feel.

4. Don’t forget to add an area rug

There’s not a single room in your home that wouldn’t benefit from area rugs. However, they are especially important in the bedroom. An area rug not only helps add color, pattern, and texture to your bedroom, but also makes waking up on those early mornings a little bit less unpleasant by giving your feet a landing cushion.

5. Get a bench

A stylish and essential bedroom piece that you can add to the foot of your bed is a bedroom bench. A bedroom bench adds instant style and functionality to the room! Believe us when we say this, a bench at the end of the bed is a real luxury! You can use it for anything and everything – as a storage spot, as extra seating, or just for the sake of the decor in your bedroom.

6. Think good lighting

Decor Essentials For The Master Bedroom - Good Lighting

There’s nothing more frustrating than a bedroom with just one overhead light! Do your bedroom a favor and add some mood lighting. Think of a bedside lamp for your late-night reading endeavors and dimmers and floor lamps to create a relaxed atmosphere. You can even mix and match lights to create visual interest.

7. Don’t forget to add wall art

Mirrors and wall art come in various shapes and sizes, framed and unframed, to be hung or leaned against the wall. Use them to add visual interest to your room, ‘coz there’s nothing more boring than staring at blank walls! Besides, a well-placed mirror can add more light and space to the room.

Have fun doing up your fabulous master bedroom, folks!