How To Decorate With White Walls

Last updated on October 7th, 2021

If you think that white walls are bland and boring, then think again! White has emerged from just being a basic color that makes everything look flat and dull, to being the hot favorite of many interior experts, thanks to the minimalistic look and the blank canvas it creates for the room.

So, whether your decor style is traditional, boho, or minimalist, here are 4 ways you can rock your décor with white!

1. Any color works with White!

White walls provide the perfect backdrop for any kind of design. Being neutral, white has an unmatchable way of influencing the foreground to explode into focus. For instance, in the above picture, the white walls allow the color of the fabric and the accessories take center stage. What’s more, white walls allow the eye to rest, making the room feel both elegant and balanced, regardless of how rich the style is.

2. White highlights architectural details

There’s no doubt that painting architectural details (beams, crown, and molding) with bold colors helps bring them into focus. However, bright hues can also mask the subtlety of the details, ultimately becoming the center of attention. But, white, on the other hand, allows the intricate architectural details to be in the limelight, adding depth and dimension to the room.

3. White helps open up a space

This is certainly not a new decor trick, but has proven its worth time and again. In case a feeling of spaciousness is what you’re after, take a stab at painting your walls and ceilings in an unadulterated shade of white. The exemplary shade is a simple way to enhance the glory of pretty much any space. For instance, here, the kitchen looks all the more spacious, thanks to the white walls, and the minimal decor.

4. White-on-white is a big trend

The white on white trend has taken the decor world by storm. To rock the white-on-white look, add doses of various shades of white – anything from a delicate cream to a muted gray. When executed to perfection, a white-on-white area is both eye-catching and classy.