How To Display Macrame In Your Decor

Last updated on July 27th, 2022

The art of knotting strings into intricate decorative patterns has been around for centuries. This gorgeous trend has seen a revival and macrame craftwork is much in demand for home decor. 

What makes this craft exciting is the unlimited possibilities it offers. 

Macrame wall hangings come to mind the minute we hear the word. However, other macrame items have gained popularity in the past few years. These include macrame hammocks, stools, plant holders, and rugs. So, how do you incorporate these amazing accessories into your home decor? Let’s find out.

Add dimension to your decor with macrame wall hangings

The beauty of the cream-colored string knotted into intricate patterns is unsurpassable. What’s utterly charming about macrame wall hangings is that the design can take any shape or form. You can use a branch or twig to hold together your knotted wonder or go for a wooden pole, depending on how rustic you want your decor to be.

Add-ons? Try natural materials such as rush rugs, cane furniture, or dry flower arrangements to complete this lovely decor. 

Give your plants a touch of class

Plants add a natural element to home decor. However, try macrame plant holders if you want to take your design quotient up a notch. You can use plain jute string holders for a subdued look or incorporate beads or intricate patterns into your creation. If you are shopping for some, there is no dearth of patterns and colors available in the market. 

Add-ons? You can use a branch to anchor your collection of plants to make a whole. Or you can add a tasteful ‘leafy’ macrame wall piece to carry forward the plant theme.

Macrame hammocks are a great addition

Hammocks are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also functional too. What’s more, once you are settled in these comfy wonders, you will not want to get up in a hurry. Just the thing for a snooze on a lazy afternoon!

Add-ons? A handwoven rug will add to this amazing look. And you just can’t go wrong with a few plants to add an exciting element to your decor. 

How about macrame cushions?

What would we do without our throw cushions? Macrame cushions are just the thing you need to add an interesting element to your home, especially when you want to add texture and style to your decor. You can let a couple of macrame cushions mingle with the traditional choices or go the whole hog with a cluster of different macrame patterned cushions. 

Add-ons? A tasseled throw would fit in perfectly with this set-up!

Macrame wreaths

The beauty of these elegant wreaths is undeniable. A mixture of natural twine and macrame flowers with tassels makes for a gorgeous creation. Or how about ribbons or beads to embellish the look? Whatever appeals to you. 

Add-ons? Does a contrast of textures work for you? Well, roses or plants are perfect to balance the look.

Macrame artifacts 

Macrame is a versatile craft. That’s what makes it so charming. Little knick-knacks crafted from the knotted string are great accessories for your home. The plus? They make wonderful gifts!

Add-ons? Use your macrame holders as planters, pencil holders, or miniature wall pieces. You can add contrasting materials such as wood or fabric mats to enhance their beauty.

Macrame stools are beautiful and functional too!

Macrame stools are to die for. They not only add elegance and drama to your home decor but are also comfortable.

Add-ons? How about some quirky wooden tables to add to the appeal? Don’t forget to add a throw rug into the mix.

Macrame curtains? Yes!

A play of texture and different materials add to the appeal of home decor. What better way than using macrame curtains to amp the look? You can go overboard with this look without fear of an overwhelming look. 

Add-ons? Compliment the intricate weave by adding a few beads to the mix. 

Final thoughts 

Elements such as wall hangings and planters add an intriguing element to your home decor. Chances are, you want to add this element to your decor too. However, it’s always best not to rush into things. You must consider your decor as a whole before incorporating this element into the mix. Sounds tricky? Well, has umpteen tips and tricks on home decor-related issues. Why not check them out?